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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
1468800specinfraCommon layer for serverspec and itamae
2497832serverspecRSpec tests for your servers configured by Puppet, Chef, Itamae or anything else
316,4279,291itamae-plugin-recipe-selinuxItamae selinux recipe plugin
526,74733,962configspecA simple configuration management tool powered by RSpec
648,99733,962gitpusherA command line tool for replicating git repositories from one service to another.
756,47433,962itamae-plugin-resource-mail_aliasItamae plugin of mail alias resource
869,54529,870specinfra-ec2_metadata-tagsSpecinfra extention to get ec2 tags.
9109,74933,962sqaleWrite a gem description
10113,43833,962nebelA command line tool for generating a static site.
11114,50033,962steloVirtual Machine Creator
13133,00133,962itamae-plugin-resource-awsItamae plugin for control AWS resources
14148,69133,962libspecinfraRuby binding for libspecinfra.