Janko's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
1156119mini_magickManipulate images with minimal use of memory via ImageMagick / GraphicsMagick
2734376image_processingHigh-level wrapper for processing images for the web with ImageMagick or libvips.
31,238722downRobust streaming downloads using Net::HTTP, HTTP.rb or wget.
41,8231,653shrineShrine is a toolkit for file attachments in Ruby applications. It supports uploading, d...
51,8671,586content_dispositionRuby gem to create HTTP Content-Disposition headers with proper escaping/encoding of fi...
61,9642,262sinatra-activerecordExtends Sinatra with ActiveRecord helpers.
75,40110,517shrine-memoryProvides in-memory storage for Shrine.
85,9964,901uppy-s3_multipartProvides a Rack application that implements endpoints for the AwsS3Multipart Uppy plugin.
99,06412,310shrine-urlProvides a fake storage which allows you to create a Shrine attachment defined only by ...
109,5375,327sequel-activerecord_connectionAllows Sequel to use ActiveRecord connection for database interaction.
119,7407,009shrine-mongoidProvides Mongoid integration for Shrine.
1210,9477,387tus-serverRuby server implementation of tus.io, the open protocol for resumable file uploads.
1311,0126,096rodauth-railsProvides Rails integration for Rodauth.
1413,39618,053flickrieThis gem wraps the Flickr API with a nice object-oriented interface.
1513,65616,193shrine-cloudinaryProvides Cloudinary storage for Shrine.
1615,12320,835shrine-tusProvides storage and plugin for easier integration between Shrine and tus-ruby-server.
1715,49824,269shrine-fogProvides Fog storage for Shrine.
1816,4347,372rodauth-modelProvides model mixin for Active Record and Sequel that defines password attribute and a...
1917,95732,447paperclip-dropboxExtends Paperclip with Dropbox storage.
2019,72724,759shrine-transloaditProvides Transloadit integration for Shrine.
2121,61133,480shrine-imgixProvides Imgix integration for Shrine.
2222,70836,940as-durationExtraction of ActiveSupport::Duration and the related core extensions.
2326,18730,596flickr-objectsThis gem is an object-oriented wrapper for the Flickr API.
2427,86661,875shrine-reformProvides Reform integration for Shrine.
2538,02627,595shrine-gridfsProvides MongoDB's GridFS storage for Shrine.
2638,88327,595shrine-sqlProvides SQL database storage for Shrine.
2739,37515,917rodauth-i18nProvides I18n integration and translations for Rodauth authentication framework.
2844,62644,931shrine-flickrProvides Flickr storage for Shrine.
2961,25454,939goliath-rack_proxyAllows you to use Goliath as a web server for your Rack app, giving you streaming reque...
3066,2948,652rodauth-omniauthRodauth extension for logging in and creating account via OmniAuth authentication.
3177,080100,853flickr-loginThis is a Rack endpoint that provides Flickr authentication. Basically it is a lightwei...
3277,90076,549shrine-uploadcareProvides Uploadcare storage for Shrine.
3382,50941,275rodauth-pwnedRodauth extension for checking whether a password had been exposed in a database breach...
3495,51947,030roda-symbolized_paramsA plugin for Roda which exposes symbolized request params
35106,249114,235musiqueMusique is a gem for manipulating with musical constructs, such as notes, chords and in...
36115,747114,235sequel-jsonapi_eagerA Sequel plugin for eager loading associations in JSON-API specification.
37143,019150,026refile-sequelSequel ORM integration of the Refile gem
38145,928114,235tic-tac-toe-rubyPlay the tic-tac-toe game in the Terminal. Supports fields of any size, and can be play...
39160,12020,835shrine-romProvides rom-rb integration for Shrine.
40171,502114,235sequel-activerecord-adapterAllows Sequel to use ActiveRecord connection for database interaction.
41176,182150,026rodauth-guestProvides guest users functionality for Rodauth.