Govuk's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
19021,131puppet-syntaxSyntax checks for Puppet manifests and templates
22,9165,273gds-api-adaptersA set of adapters providing easy access to the GDS GOV.UK APIs
33,7045,143gem_publisherAutomatically build, tag, and push a gem when its version has been updated.
44,4816,607slimmerRack middleware for skinning pages using a specific template
54,5207,138govuk_frontend_toolkitTools for building frontend applications
64,7665,452plekFind the right hostname for each service in an environment-dependent manner
74,9404,233govuk-lintInclude this in your project to easily validate it against the GDS style guides
85,3672,285govuk_publishing_componentsA gem to document components in GOV.UK frontend applications
95,3828,417gds-ssoClient for GDS' OAuth 2-based SSO
105,4937,728govspeakA set of extensions to markdown layered on top of the kramdown library for use in the U...
115,85136,619govuk_content_modelsShared models for Panopticon and Publisher
126,3448,931govuk_templateRails engine supplying the GOV.UK header/footer template
137,1563,954govuk_app_configBase configuration for GOV.UK applications
147,27510,483govuk_admin_templateStyles, scripts and templates for GOV.UK admin applications
157,3768,417govuk_elements_railsA gem wrapper around govuk_elements v3.1.3 that pulls stylesheet and javascript files ...
168,5778,532omniauth-gdsOmniauth strategy for GDS oauth2 provider
178,7056,784govuk-content-schema-test-helpersThis app provides test helpers for working with [alphagov/govuk-content-schemas](https:...
1811,5318,282govuk_sidekiqProvides standard setup and behaviour for Sidekiq in GOV.UK applications.
1911,59636,619vcloud-coreCore tools for interacting with VMware vCloud Director. Includes vCloud Query, a light ...
2012,5367,773govuk_ab_testingGem to help with A/B testing on the GOV.UK platform
2113,2317,253govuk_schemasGem to generate test data based on GOV.UK content schemas
2214,9226,475govuk_testTest configuration and dependencies for applications on GOV.UK
2315,11736,619rummageableDEPRECATED - Mediator for apps that want their content to be in the search index
2415,14836,619smartdownInteractive question-answer flows using markdown-like external DSL
2515,30722,961shared_mustacheShare mustache between Rails templates and the browser (using compiled hogan.js templat...
2615,40936,619govuk_navigation_helpersGem to transform items from the content-store into payloads for GOV.UK components
2717,29336,619vcloud-edge_gatewayTool to configure a VMware vCloud Edge Gateway. Uses vcloud-core.
2818,8849,065asset_bom_removal-railsHooks into rails asset:precompile task to remove the BOM from any CSS files generated b...
2918,9778,780govuk_document_typesGem to share document type groupings
3020,40936,619geogovGeolocation and utilities for UK Government single domain
3121,35636,619vcloud-launcherTool to launch and configure vCloud vApps
3221,98016,214deprecated_columnsMark column(s) for deprecation to permit subtractive schema changes in production.
3322,01636,619vcloud-net_launcherTool to launch and configure vCloud networks. Uses vcloud-core.
3422,05312,837rails_translation_managerTasks to manage translation files
3522,89336,619vcloud-tools-testerTool to facilitate testing of vCloud Tools
3623,35336,619vcloud-walkerVcloud-walker is a command line tool to describe different vCloud entities. ...
3724,18936,619bad_link_finderCrawls a static site mirror testing all links. Reports links which don't return 200 or...
3825,62211,724govuk_tech_docsGem to distribute the GOV.UK Tech Docs Template. See
3930,43215,140govuk_message_queue_consumerAvoid writing boilerplate code in order to consume messages from an AMQP message queue....
4030,87315,652rack-logstasherRack middleware to log requests in logstash json event format. Like the logstasher gem...
4137,56836,619gds_zendeskClient and models for communicating with Zendesk
4241,32236,619gds-warmup-controllerProvide a standard url which can be hit to warmup an app server
4347,74836,619vcloud-box-spinnerCreate new VM and apply an opinionated set of commands to them, using vcloud API. The v...
4448,14336,619ubuntu_unused_kernelsIdentify unused Ubuntu kernels
4553,55636,619vcloud-toolsTools for VMware vCloud
4655,10236,619vcloud-net-spinnerIt allows one to right rules for firewall, NAT and load balancer using vcloud API and c...
4759,82436,619google_auth_bridgebridge for supporting multiple google authentication libraries
4861,09436,619govuk-dummy_content_storeRack app which serves example files from govuk-content-schemas
4970,07030,751govuk_taxonomy_helpersParses the taxonomy of GOV.UK into a browseable tree structure.
5073,75636,619govuk-client-url_arbiterAPI client for the url-arbiter
5178,85736,619govuk_security_auditWraps bundler-audit gem to check specific repos for gem vulnerabilities
5285,51936,619optic14nCanonicalises URLs.
5397,02636,619govuk-diff-pagesDiffs web pages both visually and textually.
54104,22236,619govuk_seed_crawlerRetrieves a list of URLs to seed the crawler by publishing them to a RabbitMQ exchange.
55116,50436,619vcloud-network-configuratorIt allows one to right rules for firewall, NAT and load balancer using vcloud API and c...
56121,26536,619call-rotaGem that provides a script to generate on-call rotas
57122,12136,619smart_payRuby library for handling Barclaycard Smartpay requests and responses
58123,84836,619async_experimentsAn asynchronous experiment framework.
59134,73036,619govuk_mirrorerTool to generate a static version of GOV.UK
60146,95636,619vcloud-converterConvert your vCloud Tools manifests to Terraform
61149,53536,619govuk_configBase configuration for GOV.UK applications