Rodrigoospinto's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
12,7342,347mongoid-rspecRSpec matches for Mongoid models, including association and validation matchers.
228,98717,721jumpupA synchronous continuous integration gem.
330,31517,721acts_as_hashedActsAsHashed is helpful to set a hash_code column based on SecureRandom.hex(16).
443,13050,070jumpup-herokuRake tasks to deploy on heroku
547,72785,335static_contentstatic_content provides a simple way of outputting static content in your app.
665,27550,070heroku-deployA collection of rake tasks that help to deploy an application following a common way to...
781,51185,335seekr-rubyRuby client for Seekr Monitor API.
884,90285,335bijuAn easiest way to mount a GSM modem to send and to receive sms message