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1250184xcodeprojXcodeproj lets you create and modify Xcode projects from Ruby. Script boring management...
2445203claideA small command-line interface framework.
3513286cocoapodsCocoaPods manages library dependencies for your Xcode project. You specify the depende...
4522292cocoapods-coreThe CocoaPods-Core gem provides support to work with the models of CocoaPods. It is i...
5588626molinilloProvides support for dependency resolution
6636694cocoapods-downloaderA small library for downloading files from remotes in a folder.
7644432cocoapods-trunkInteract with
8737725cocoapods-tryCocoaPods plugin which allows to quickly try the demo project of a Pod.
9764729cocoapods-pluginsThis CocoaPods plugin shows information about all available CocoaPods plugins ...
106,09851,541cocoapods-try-release-fixCocoaPods plugin which allows to quickly try the demo project of a Pod.
118,53485,187prettybaconPrettifies Bacon output.
1225,7099,092actAct, the command line tool to act on files.
1375,02451,541cocoapods-docsSimple gem which offers convenient access to the documentation of a Pod via
1479,78143,160claide-completionCLI completion plugin for CLAide.
15100,79385,187motion-liveWrite you code in a scratch pad file and have the changes reflected in your application...