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19776parallelRun any kind of code in parallel processes
2176304springPreloads your application so things like console, rake and tests run faster
3214915rack-cacheRack::Cache is suitable as a quick drop-in component to enable HTTP caching for Rack-ba...
4257540css_parserA set of classes for parsing CSS in Ruby.
5499506parallel_testsRun Test::Unit / RSpec / Cucumber / Spinach in parallel
6636805i18n_datacountry/language names and 2-letter-code pairs, in 85 languages
7752870fast_gettextA simple, fast, memory-efficient and threadsafe implementation of GetText
87971,301rspec-instafailShow failing specs instantly
9798901recaptchaHelpers for the reCAPTCHA API
108091,046zendesk_apiRuby wrapper for the REST API at Documentation at https://deve...
118111,636test_after_commitmakes after_commit callbacks testable in Rails 3+ with transactional_fixtures
121,1321,402sort_alphabeticalSort UTF8 Strings alphabetical via Enumerable extension
131,2311,514rack-openidProvides a more HTTPish API around the ruby-openid library
141,378734rchardetCharacter encoding auto-detection in Ruby. As smart as your browser. Open source.
151,3942,011gettext_i18n_railsSimple FastGettext Rails integration.
161,8072,128fakefsA fake filesystem. Use it in your tests.
172,1473,262ar_after_transactionExecute irreversible actions only when transactions are not rolled back
182,1551,218rspec-rerunRe-run failed RSpec tests.
192,3142,851syckA gemified version of Syck from Ruby's stdlib. Syck has been removed from Ruby's stdli...
202,7943,601single_testRake tasks to invoke single tests/specs with rakish syntax
212,8694,922bitfieldsSave migrations and columns by storing multiple booleans in a single integer
223,1922,963minitest-aroundAlternative for setup/teardown dance.
233,4012,364active_record_shardsEasily run queries on shard and slave databases.
243,4874,602rails_wardenA gem that provides authentication Rails helpers when using Warden for authentication
253,4993,629standalone_migrationsA thin wrapper to use Rails Migrations in non Rails projects
263,7883,302cldCompact Language Detection for Ruby
273,83719,487ie_iframe_cookiesRails: Enabled cookies inside IFrames for IE via p3p headers
284,06510,169travis_dedupStop all builds on the same PR when a new job starts.
294,1414,288bumblerFind slowly loading gems for your Bundler-based projects
304,6042,495after_commit_exception_notificationRails: Get notified when an after_commit block blows up
314,6054,288wwtdTravis simulator so you do not need to wait for the build
324,7814,680stronger_parametersType checking and type casting of parameters for Action Pack
335,2678,197get_pomoRuby/Gettext: A .po and .mo file parser/generator
345,57317,055autotest-standaloneAutotest, without ZenTest
355,7569,801responds_to_parent[Rails] Adds 'responds_to_parent' to your controller torespond to the parent document o...
365,87315,382active_record_host_poolAllow ActiveRecord to share a connection to multiple databases on the same host
375,9126,773autotest-rails-pureAutotest for Test::Unit on Rails, including plugins for migrations and fixtures.
385,97134,256rucoDesktop-style, Intuitive, Commandline Editor in Ruby. 'Better than nano, simpler than v...
395,9954,525maxitestMinitest + all the features you always wanted
406,01519,487property_setsThis gem is an ActiveRecord extension which provides a convenient interface for managin...
416,23515,382jira4rRuby library for controlling JIRA
426,23911,173soft_deletionExplicit soft deletion for ActiveRecord via deleted_at and default scope.
436,4738,900propGem for implementing rate limits.
446,49417,055arturoDeploy features incrementally to your users
456,70034,256deputyReport to the sheriff
466,7774,602single_covActionable code coverage.
476,9836,972smusherAutomatic Lossless Reduction Of All Your Images
487,05615,382luhn_checksumEfficient Luhn checksum validator
497,44111,730credit_card_sanitizerCredit card sanitizer
507,55634,256kasketputs a cap on your queries
518,34117,055stub_serverBoot up a real server to serve testing replies
528,73617,055tnefa ruby wrapper around the tnef library
538,91334,256ciaAudit model events like update/create/delete + attribute changes + group them by transa...
549,16234,256private_gemTries to help you make sure your private gems stay private
559,2675,862parallel_split_testSplit a big test file into multiple chunks and run them in parallel
569,34034,256rpx_nowHelper to simplify RPX Now user login/creation
579,36534,256open_id_authenticationopen_id_authentication provides a thin wrapper around the excellent rack-openid gem.
589,49915,382vendorerKeep your vendor files up to date
599,8553,804kennelKeep datadog monitors/dashboards/etc in version control, avoid chaotic management via UI
609,96311,173s3_meta_syncSync folders with s3 using a metadata file and md5 diffs
6110,19823,339migration_toolsRake tasks for Rails that add groups to migrations
6210,58211,173rails2_asset_pipelineFamiliar asset handling for those stuck on Rails 2
6310,74634,256testrblRun ruby Test::Unit/Shoulda tests by line-number / folder / the dozen
6410,88112,393samlrHelps you implement a SAML SP
6512,00034,256call_centerSupport for describing call center workflows
6612,00223,339cachySee which gems depend on your gems
6712,29234,256codeclimate_batchReport a batch of codeclimate results by merging and from multiple servers
6812,42730,734i18n-backend-httpRails I18n Backend for Http APIs with etag-aware background polling and memory+[memcach...
6913,1254,713forking_test_runnerRun every test in a fork to avoid pollution and get clean output per test
7013,80130,734textpowA library for parsing TextMate bundles
7114,04723,339remote_filesA library for uploading files to multiple remote storage backends like Amazon S3 and Ra...
7214,32730,734url_storeData securely stored in urls.
7314,82023,339double_docWrite documentation with your code, to keep them in sync, ideal for public API docs.
7415,15319,487active_record_inherit_assocAttribute inheritance for AR associations
7515,94634,256ticket_sharingA ruby implementation of the Networked Help Desk API
7616,51723,339preloadA better API for ActiveRecord eager loading
7716,64730,734ultravioletUltraviolet syntax highlighting gem for Ruby18 and Ruby19
7816,67723,339mini_memory_storeStore a single value in memory with expiration
7916,71034,256action_mailer-logged_smtp_deliveryActionMailer SMTP delivery strategy with advanced logging and Bcc support
8017,16634,256schmobileA mobile user agent detection Rack middleware. See the README.
8117,28134,256request_recorderRecord your rack/rails requests and store them for future inspection
8217,66817,055countries_and_languagesCountries and languages in I18n.locale for select_tag or output in 85 languages
8318,03934,256clear_empty_attributesSave empty strings as nil to avoid lots of problems
8418,10130,734youtube_searchSearch youtube via this simple ruby api
8518,14334,256gem-dependentSee which gems depend on your gems
8618,38630,734strong_parameters_rails2Permitted and required parameters for Action Pack
8719,03134,256libmemcached_storeAn ActiveSupport cache store that uses the C-based libmemcached client through Ev...
8819,14234,256email_visionRuby SOAP Api Client for EmailVision / CampaignCommander
8919,39323,339mushA gem to shorten URLs using different services, it has one command-line utility for eac...
9019,62334,256rails_test_params_backportBackports the :params, :headers and :env options introduced in Rails 5 to older version...
9119,92812,393multi_timeoutUse multiple timeouts to soft and then hard kill a command
9220,06134,256key_valueAbuse Sql database as Key-Value store
9320,3784,638samson_secret_pullerGem to read secrets generated by samson secret puller
9420,70834,256shoulda-letA simple let for shoulda
9520,82023,339resque-durableResque queue backed by database audits, with automatic retry
9621,23134,256ar_mergeMerge 2 ActiveRecords, preserving associations and attributes
9721,70834,256simple_autocompleteRails: Simple, customizable, unobstrusive - auto complete
9821,86234,256simplecov-single_file_reporterprint coverage per test file
9922,14634,256zombie_passenger_killerGuaranteed zombie passengers death
10022,26534,256sse-rails-engineSee the at
10124,77434,256lazy_observersMakes Activerecord Observers lazy, do not load model on startup and only listen once a ...
10224,94734,256pruPipeable Ruby - forget about grep / sed / awk / wc ... use pure, readable Ruby!
10325,71434,256userstampThis Rails plugin extends ActiveRecord::Base to add automatic updating of created_by an...
10425,72530,734resque-lifecycleAdds job lifecycle data to Resque payloads
10526,86234,256logcastBroadcasts logs, including support for Rails version 4.2.
10627,41130,734reduceReduce your assets: minify javascript + stylesheets, optimize images lossless
10727,71734,256textpow1xA library for parsing TextMate bundles on ruby 1.x
10827,86634,256ar_serialized_arraySerialize an array in a column, [] when no set, xx_as_text accessors and more.
10928,07830,734dispelRemove evil curses
11028,50730,734kucodiffSmart diff for kubernetes configs to ensure symmetric configuration
11128,92423,339readable_randomReadable random strings for coupons or tokens
11229,00934,256git-autobisectFind the first broken commit without having to learn git bisect
11329,24034,256asset_host_selectionAdds support for serving assets from multiple providers.
11429,48534,256gem_of_thronesEverybody wants to be king, but only one can win (synchronized via a distributed cache)
11529,65723,339active_record-commentsComments for activerecord
11630,18434,256rails3-before_actionEase your transition from Rails 3 to Rails 4 by defining before/around/after_action in ...
11730,31630,734large_object_storeStore large objects in memcache or others
11830,87634,256concernSeperation of concerns without meta-madness and namespace pollution
11931,80734,256translated_attributesActiveRecord/Rails simple translatable attributes
12032,05223,339predictive_loadPredictive loader
12133,88434,256zendesk-rinkuA fast and very smart autolinking library that acts as a drop-in replacement for Ra...
12233,94734,256repo_dependency_graphGraphw the dependency of your repositories
12335,62634,256organization_license_auditAudit all licenses used by your github organization/user
12435,67134,256dockerbDockerfile.erb - use ruby in your Dockerfile
12535,84334,256cotendoWrapper for cotendo SOAP Api
12636,08234,256minitest-rerunPrint copy pasteable rerun snippets after failed runs
12736,43134,256scopifyAdd named scopes and scoped to any Object / Model.
12836,66934,256autolangKick-start new translation via google translate
12936,80430,734easy_esiRails: Cached pages with updated partials
13037,28823,339language_snifferLanguage detection
13137,97719,487organization_auditAudit all repos of your organization or user
13238,10923,339phenixRead a dynamic database.yml file and allow you to drop/create the database on demand.
13338,24511,173matching_bundleFind a matching bundler version for a Gemfile and use it
13438,47434,256pairing_shufflerAssign random pairs from a google docs spreadsheet
13539,58734,256zentest-without-autotestZenTest, without AutoTest and UnitDiff
13640,46534,256bundler-organization_auditAudit all Gemfiles of a user/organization on github for unpatched versions
13740,83019,487man_parserParse unix man pages into ruby-readable format
13842,03623,339expiring_memory_storeFast & Simple Ruby In-Memory Store with expiration
13942,81434,256action_mailer-enqueableSerialize and enqueue deliveries for existing mailers
14042,97834,256refilling_queueA queue that refreshes itself when it gets empty or stale, so you can keep popping
14143,60934,256tic_tac_toePlay Tic-Tac-Toe using Curses
14244,05134,256url_to_media_tagConvert a Url to image or video embed
14344,21534,256grosser-ssl_requirementA fork to add some cool options to ssl_requirement
14444,81234,256rhrRuby Hypertext Refinement -- the ease of PHP with the elegance of Ruby
14545,60019,487memflashMemflash is a gem which enables storing really long values in the Rails FlashHash witho...
14645,63934,256cleanserFind polluting test by bisecting your tests
14746,20834,256solr_collectionWrapper for solr results sets then behaves/feels like will_paginate collection
14847,58434,256string19A Ruby string that behaves like 1.9 and runs on 1.8
14947,77634,256ultraviolet1xUltraviolet syntax highlighting gem for Ruby18 and Ruby19
15047,94934,256helpful_fieldsMany helpful field helpers e.g. check_box_with_label
15147,95234,256rubinjamJam a gem into a universal binary that works with any ruby
15248,72734,256gettext_test_logLogs all gettext translations during test execution, to a GetText readable format
15349,24134,256fallbackFallback when original is not present or somethings not right.
15449,51434,256airbrake-user_informerShow exception ids on error pages so users or support can track them down faster
15550,12115,382thread_ancestorsAllows Thread to carry context from ancestors.
15650,71034,256unicorn_wranglerUnicorn: out of band GC / restart on max memory bloat / restart after X requests
15751,18219,487mailcrateA mock SMTP server that can be run and inspected from tests. The server runs in memory ...
15851,42523,339git-whenceFind the merge and pull request a commit came from + find cherry-picks
15952,51834,256simple_accessSimple access control dispatcher
16054,30534,256shoulda-change_matchersshould_change / should_create / should_destroy matchers for shoulda 3 backported from s...
16155,11234,256git-graphMake graphs from your git history
16255,19034,256delta_changesAdditional real/virtual attribute change tracking independent of ActiveRecords
16357,58834,256preheatable_cacheReduce cache requests by preheating via multi_get
16457,7638,900consul_syncerSync remote services into consul
16557,98634,256s3gbBackup stuff versioned in git to s3
16661,66619,487ar_multi_threaded_transactional_testsExecute multithreaded code while still using transactional fixtures by synchronizing db...
16763,70134,256splamRun any kind of code in parallel processes
16865,18234,256statsnStatsN: Aggregate statistics using newrelics custom metrics
16967,22934,256grosser-algorithmsA library of algorithms and containers.
17069,30834,256scoped_cache_keysAdd scoped_cache_key / expire_scoped_cache_key to your models for caching/sweeping of m...
17169,33434,256radar_client_rbRead/Write Radar Resources from Redis through Ruby
17269,40434,256evented_magickMiniMagick on Eventmachine
17371,87734,256ar_serializeEfficient serialize/deserialize of nested Hashes/Arrays including ActiveRecords
17472,77734,256fixture_reducerTest speedup by replacing fixtures :all with only the necessary
17573,28634,256search_doAR: Hyperestraier integration
17673,39834,256bundle_package_checkCheck if all gems you need are packaged
17775,23334,256lambda_deploymentLambda Deployment Library
17876,05611,730ruby-cli-daemonPreforking daemon that makes all ruby binaries faster
17976,11223,339net-http-persistent-retryManages persistent connections using Net::HTTP. It's thread-safe too! Using persistent ...
18077,47734,256ultra_pow_listUltraviolet + TextPow + PList for Ruby 1.8 and 1.9
18178,67334,256virtual_asset_pathInstantly expired, cacheable assets, without query params
18281,25023,339validates_uniqueness_via_associationValidate uniqueness of multiple newly associated records
18387,71134,256attachment_zenAdds has_attachment (file store) properties to ActiveRecord. Supports local file, file...
18488,38634,256db_graphAR generate beautiful graphs from date fields, in 1 LOC
18589,04519,487arsiPuts your SQL under a microscope
18690,69534,256gem_on_demandRun your own gem server that fetches from github, uses tags as version and builds gems ...
18794,71334,256dawanda-sqlite3This module allows Ruby programs to interface with the SQLite3 database engine (http://...
18896,84634,256textfilterActiveRecord/Rails filter text fields before assigning them
18999,96134,256redis-objectiveStore objects in Redis
190100,03434,256rack-path_prefixerPrefix any path in your app with something.
191102,59734,256game_of_thronesEverybody wants to be king, but only one can win (synchronized via a distributed cache)
192102,91534,256cmd2jsonCovert command output and exit status to json to pipe them atomically into logs
193103,47434,256throat-punchPunch your codes in the throat...
194103,71915,382serial_schedulerSimple scheduler for long-running and infrequent tasks, no threads, always in serial
195104,04034, api wrapper
196104,05834,256rube_postReceive and send emails with (rub-e-post)
197105,34134,256pagespeed_grabberGrab pagespeed results from external services to use them in e.g. munin.
198106,25234,256string_houndBark! hunts for strings.
199107,32034,256static_addthisFast Addthis: no external js/css/images + no backlinks to addthis
200112,22934,256a-panzerA. Panzer game
201112,86734,256method_call_recorderRuby: Record methods calls and replay them later
202114,02834,256shoulda-reuse_setupTest speedup by reusing the setup of a test context
203121,32123,339safe_regexpBacktracking bomb safety / timeouts for regular expressions
204138,75534,256github-watchingWatching manager
205144,91334,256resque-balancerBalances queues by allotted time, prevents 1 queue from starving all others.