Grosser's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
17244parallelRun any kind of code in parallel processes
2168194springPreloads your application so things like console, rake and tests run faster
3278275css_parserA set of classes for parsing CSS in Ruby.
4403356parallel_testsRun Test::Unit / RSpec / Cucumber / Spinach in parallel
54511,746rack-cacheRack::Cache is suitable as a quick drop-in component to enable HTTP caching for Rack-ba...
6537331premailerImprove the rendering of HTML emails by making CSS inline, converting links and warning...
7555415i18n_datacountry/language names and 2-letter-code pairs, in 85 languages
8632232rchardetCharacter encoding auto-detection in Ruby. As smart as your browser. Open source.
9723497recaptchaHelpers for the reCAPTCHA API
10763786fast_gettextA simple, fast, memory-efficient and threadsafe implementation of GetText
11932882zendesk_apiRuby wrapper for the REST API at Documentation at https://deve...
121,0791,735rspec-instafailShow failing specs instantly
131,1322,397test_after_commitmakes after_commit callbacks testable in Rails 3+ with transactional_fixtures
141,1391,053gettext_i18n_railsSimple FastGettext Rails integration.
151,3141,716sort_alphabeticalSort UTF8 Strings alphabetical via Enumerable extension
161,7472,935rack-openidProvides a more HTTPish API around the ruby-openid library
172,2202,766fakefsA fake filesystem. Use it in your tests.
182,5652,995ar_after_transactionExecute irreversible actions only when transactions are not rolled back
192,6493,669rspec-rerunRe-run failed RSpec tests.
202,9254,171syckA gemified version of Syck from Ruby's stdlib. Syck has been removed from Ruby's stdli...
213,0603,511cldCompact Language Detection for Ruby
223,3252,304standalone_migrationsA thin wrapper to use Rails Migrations in non Rails projects
233,3914,167bitfieldsSave migrations and columns by storing multiple booleans in a single integer
243,5445,539single_testRake tasks to invoke single tests/specs with rakish syntax
253,6083,418minitest-aroundAlternative for setup/teardown dance.
263,7963,969active_record_shardsEasily run queries on shard and replica databases.
274,1964,734rails_wardenA gem that provides authentication Rails helpers when using Warden for authentication
284,4616,424luhn_checksumEfficient Luhn checksum validator
294,4753,978bumblerFind slowly loading gems for your Bundler-based projects
304,4904,188stronger_parametersType checking and type casting of parameters for Action Pack
315,1294,887parallel_split_testSplit a big test file into multiple chunks and run them in parallel
325,19510,589ie_iframe_cookiesRails: Enabled cookies inside IFrames for IE via p3p headers
335,4259,995wwtdTravis simulator so you do not need to wait for the build
345,4949,830after_commit_exception_notificationRails: Get notified when an after_commit block blows up
355,61223,762travis_dedupStop all builds on the same PR when a new job starts.
366,0346,717credit_card_sanitizerCredit card sanitizer
376,0365,875single_covActionable code coverage.
386,3149,134maxitestMinitest + all the features you always wanted
396,4056,657property_setsThis gem is an ActiveRecord extension which provides a convenient interface for managin...
406,4188,207stub_serverBoot up a real server to serve testing replies
416,5237,079propGem for implementing rate limits.
426,5516,810get_pomoRuby/Gettext: A .po and .mo file parser/generator
436,5688,481active_record_host_poolAllow ActiveRecord to share a connection to multiple databases on the same host
446,57912,260autotest-standaloneAutotest, without ZenTest
456,91010,405soft_deletionExplicit soft deletion for ActiveRecord via deleted_at and default scope.
466,92513,044kennelKeep datadog monitors/dashboards/etc in version control, avoid chaotic management via UI
477,0689,452responds_to_parent[Rails] Adds 'responds_to_parent' to your controller torespond to the parent document o...
487,16017,673autotest-rails-pureAutotest for Test::Unit on Rails, including plugins for migrations and fixtures.
497,17910,277arturoDeploy features incrementally to your users
507,18630,357rucoDesktop-style, Intuitive, Commandline Editor in Ruby. 'Better than nano, simpler than v...
517,22711,075jira4rRuby library for controlling JIRA
527,7035,832private_gemKeeps your private gems private
537,8548,845smusherAutomatic Lossless Reduction Of All Your Images
548,06111,927migration_toolsRake tasks for Rails that add groups to migrations
558,23530,357deputyReport to the sheriff
568,77026,674kasketputs a cap on your queries
579,68515,520ciaAudit model events like update/create/delete + attribute changes + group them by transa...
589,70516,658tnefa ruby wrapper around the tnef library
599,72910,723forking_test_runnerRun every test in a fork to avoid pollution and get clean output per test
609,73013,852vendorerKeep your vendor files up to date
6110,7049,238samson_secret_pullerGem to read secrets generated by samson secret puller
6211,53530,357s3_meta_syncSync folders with s3 using a metadata file and md5 diffs
6311,7548,167open_id_authenticationopen_id_authentication provides a thin wrapper around the excellent rack-openid gem.
6411,80830,357rpx_nowHelper to simplify RPX Now user login/creation
6511,89017,035testrblRun ruby Test::Unit/Shoulda tests by line-number / folder / the dozen
6612,47118,763i18n-backend-httpRails I18n Backend for Http APIs with etag-aware background polling and memory+[memcach...
6712,49513,267samlrHelps you implement a SAML SP
6812,95930,357rails2_asset_pipelineFamiliar asset handling for those stuck on Rails 2
6913,67812,386active_record_inherit_assocAttribute inheritance for AR associations
7014,12714,710cachySee which gems depend on your gems
7114,43030,357call_centerSupport for describing call center workflows
7215,36817,673textpowA library for parsing TextMate bundles
7315,94423,762remote_filesA library for uploading files to multiple remote storage backends like Amazon S3 and Ra...
7416,31510,516action_mailer-logged_smtp_deliveryActionMailer SMTP delivery strategy with advanced logging and Bcc support
7516,43530,357codeclimate_batchReport a batch of codeclimate results by merging and from multiple servers
7616,58813,627preloadA better API for ActiveRecord eager loading
7717,0117,995thread_ancestorsAllows Thread to carry context from ancestors.
7817,04630,357double_docWrite documentation with your code, to keep them in sync, ideal for public API docs.
7917,43521,648reduceReduce your assets: minify javascript + stylesheets, optimize images lossless
8017,45917,673ultravioletUltraviolet syntax highlighting gem for Ruby18 and Ruby19
8117,67814,210resque-durableResque queue backed by database audits, with automatic retry
8217,90921,648url_storeData securely stored in urls.
8318,27330,357ticket_sharingA ruby implementation of the Networked Help Desk API
8419,27823,762countries_and_languagesCountries and languages in I18n.locale for select_tag or output in 85 languages
8519,56830,357request_recorderRecord your rack/rails requests and store them for future inspection
8619,66114,474mini_memory_storeStore a single value in memory with expiration
8720,22430,357schmobileA mobile user agent detection Rack middleware. See the README.
8821,05423,762strong_parameters_rails2Permitted and required parameters for Action Pack
8921,25230,357gem-dependentSee which gems depend on your gems
9021,93730,357libmemcached_storeAn ActiveSupport cache store that uses the C-based libmemcached client through Ev...
9121,99530,357youtube_searchSearch youtube via this simple ruby api
9222,61615,263simplecov-single_file_reporterprint coverage per test file
9323,22530,357email_visionRuby SOAP Api Client for EmailVision / CampaignCommander
9423,56418,763ar_mergeMerge 2 ActiveRecords, preserving associations and attributes
9523,9949,373zendesk-rinkuA fast and very smart autolinking library that acts as a drop-in replacement for Ra...
9624,11730,357key_valueAbuse Sql database as Key-Value store
9724,14218,763sse-rails-engineSee the at
9824,74530,357mushA gem to shorten URLs using different services, it has one command-line utility for eac...
9925,10430,357clear_empty_attributesSave empty strings as nil to avoid lots of problems
10025,2917,628minitest-rerunPrint copy pasteable rerun snippets after failed runs
10125,42015,263kucodiffSmart diff for kubernetes configs to ensure symmetric configuration
10225,55716,273readable_randomReadable random strings for coupons or tokens
10325,90530,357rails_test_params_backportBackports the :params, :headers and :env options introduced in Rails 5 to older version...
10426,08530,357zombie_passenger_killerGuaranteed zombie passengers death
10526,09630,357multi_timeoutUse multiple timeouts to soft and then hard kill a command
10627,08030,357simple_autocompleteRails: Simple, customizable, unobstrusive - auto complete
10727,20226,674shoulda-letA simple let for shoulda
10827,42330,357large_object_storeStore large objects in memcache or others
10927,64415,520predictive_loadPredictive loader
11027,94930,357logcastBroadcasts logs, including support for Rails version 4.2.
11128,85930,357pruPipeable Ruby - forget about grep / sed / awk / wc ... use pure, readable Ruby!
11229,27430,357resque-lifecycleAdds job lifecycle data to Resque payloads
11329,57012,919rails3-before_actionEase your transition from Rails 3 to Rails 4 by defining before/around/after_action in ...
11429,94426,674phenixRead a dynamic database.yml file and allow you to drop/create the database on demand.
11531,16130,357dispelRemove evil curses
11631,65530,357lazy_observersMakes Activerecord Observers lazy, do not load model on startup and only listen once a ...
11731,98830,357git-autobisectFind the first broken commit without having to learn git bisect
11832,67230,357repo_dependency_graphGraphw the dependency of your repositories
11932,91830,357textpow1xA library for parsing TextMate bundles on ruby 1.x
12033,59330,357active_record-commentsComments for activerecord
12133,94226,674userstampThis Rails plugin extends ActiveRecord::Base to add automatic updating of created_by an...
12234,55930,357consul_syncerSync remote services into consul
12334,71530,357ar_serialized_arraySerialize an array in a column, [] when no set, xx_as_text accessors and more.
12434,94030,357matching_bundleFind a matching bundler version for a Gemfile and use it
12535,01530,357asset_host_selectionAdds support for serving assets from multiple providers.
12635,02310,516safe_regexpBacktracking bomb safety / timeouts for regular expressions
12737,01330,357dockerbDockerfile.erb - use ruby in your Dockerfile
12838,32830,357translated_attributesActiveRecord/Rails simple translatable attributes
12938,37330,357organization_license_auditAudit all licenses used by your github organization/user
13038,47716,658unicorn_wranglerUnicorn: out of band GC / restart on max memory bloat / restart after X requests
13138,87018,196easy_esiRails: Cached pages with updated partials
13240,31130,357gem_of_thronesEverybody wants to be king, but only one can win (synchronized via a distributed cache)
13340,69326,674organization_auditAudit all repos of your organization or user
13441,60430,357pairing_shufflerAssign random pairs from a google docs spreadsheet
13541,79430,357concernSeperation of concerns without meta-madness and namespace pollution
13642,14230,357ar_multi_threaded_transactional_testsExecute multithreaded code while still using transactional fixtures by synchronizing db...
13742,93630,357autolangKick-start new translation via google translate
13843,02926,674language_snifferLanguage detection
13943,63411,654risk-summaryCollects Risk section from all merged PRs over a given commit range
14044,15523,762scopifyAdd named scopes and scoped to any Object / Model.
14144,31630,357cotendoWrapper for cotendo SOAP Api
14244,77630,357bundler-organization_auditAudit all Gemfiles of a user/organization on github for unpatched versions
14345,37015,520simple_accessSimple access control dispatcher
14446,50830,357rubinjamJam a gem into a universal binary that works with any ruby
14547,25920,601airbrake-user_informerShow exception ids on error pages so users or support can track them down faster
14647,37930,357memflashMemflash is a gem which enables storing really long values in the Rails FlashHash witho...
14748,32030,357delta_changesAdditional real/virtual attribute change tracking independent of ActiveRecords
14849,01130,357cleanserFind polluting test by bisecting your tests
14949,07330,357refilling_queueA queue that refreshes itself when it gets empty or stale, so you can keep popping
15049,42530,357zentest-without-autotestZenTest, without AutoTest and UnitDiff
15149,68930,357man_parserParse unix man pages into ruby-readable format
15250,50715,836expiring_memory_storeFast & Simple Ruby In-Memory Store with expiration
15351,34030,357tic_tac_toePlay Tic-Tac-Toe using Curses
15451,90830,357git-whenceFind the merge and pull request a commit came from + find cherry-picks
15551,96530,357url_to_media_tagConvert a Url to image or video embed
15652,33730,357rhrRuby Hypertext Refinement -- the ease of PHP with the elegance of Ruby
15753,82330,357gettext_test_logLogs all gettext translations during test execution, to a GetText readable format
15854,33830,357action_mailer-enqueableSerialize and enqueue deliveries for existing mailers
15955,86630,357solr_collectionWrapper for solr results sets then behaves/feels like will_paginate collection
16056,46630,357helpful_fieldsMany helpful field helpers e.g. check_box_with_label
16156,82830,357string19A Ruby string that behaves like 1.9 and runs on 1.8
16256,93430,357ultraviolet1xUltraviolet syntax highlighting gem for Ruby18 and Ruby19
16357,95630,357mailcrateA mock SMTP server that can be run and inspected from tests. The server runs in memory ...
16458,25230,357lambda_deploymentLambda Deployment Library
16559,43330,357shoulda-change_matchersshould_change / should_create / should_destroy matchers for shoulda 3 backported from s...
16659,54423,762grosser-ssl_requirementA fork to add some cool options to ssl_requirement
16761,94416,658validates_uniqueness_via_associationValidate uniqueness of multiple newly associated records
16862,46230,357radar_client_rbRead/Write Radar Resources from Redis through Ruby
16962,49130,357git-graphMake graphs from your git history
17062,52316,658serial_schedulerSimple scheduler for long-running and infrequent tasks, no threads, always in serial
17162,53818,763fallbackFallback when original is not present or somethings not right.
17263,20430,357ruby-cli-daemonPreforking daemon that makes all ruby binaries faster
17368,47130,357preheatable_cacheReduce cache requests by preheating via multi_get
17468,70430,357s3gbBackup stuff versioned in git to s3
17573,44530,357bundle_package_checkCheck if all gems you need are packaged
17674,10130,357splamRun any kind of code in parallel processes
17775,49030,357statsnStatsN: Aggregate statistics using newrelics custom metrics
17876,30830,357arsiPuts your SQL under a microscope
17979,44130,357net-http-persistent-retryManages persistent connections using Net::HTTP. It's thread-safe too! Using persistent ...
18079,75830,357fixture_reducerTest speedup by replacing fixtures :all with only the necessary
18180,11430,357grosser-algorithmsA library of algorithms and containers.
18281,87230,357evented_magickMiniMagick on Eventmachine
18382,99430,357scoped_cache_keysAdd scoped_cache_key / expire_scoped_cache_key to your models for caching/sweeping of m...
18485,62326,674heartbleedTiny/Efficient/Simple library that stops your code when it gets stuck
18586,65930,357search_doAR: Hyperestraier integration
18688,93130,357ar_serializeEfficient serialize/deserialize of nested Hashes/Arrays including ActiveRecords
18790,03130,357cmd2jsonCovert command output and exit status to json to pipe them atomically into logs
18890,82430,357ultra_pow_listUltraviolet + TextPow + PList for Ruby 1.8 and 1.9
18991,89330,357virtual_asset_pathInstantly expired, cacheable assets, without query params
190100,13030,357gem_on_demandRun your own gem server that fetches from github, uses tags as version and builds gems ...
191103,48226,674attachment_zenAdds has_attachment (file store) properties to ActiveRecord. Supports local file, file...
192105,03530,357db_graphAR generate beautiful graphs from date fields, in 1 LOC
193107,02126,674kubernetes_leader_electionElect a kubernetes leader using leases for ruby
194108,57923,762fluent-plugin-kubelet_metadataAdd metadata to docker logs by asking kubelet api
195109,07430, api wrapper
196110,80230,357dawanda-sqlite3This module allows Ruby programs to interface with the SQLite3 database engine (http://...
197114,79330,357textfilterActiveRecord/Rails filter text fields before assigning them
198117,31030,357redis-objectiveStore objects in Redis
199117,41630,357rack-path_prefixerPrefix any path in your app with something.
200117,58730,357game_of_thronesEverybody wants to be king, but only one can win (synchronized via a distributed cache)
201120,15330,357throat-punchPunch your codes in the throat...
202120,43130,357rube_postReceive and send emails with (rub-e-post)
203121,45630,357pagespeed_grabberGrab pagespeed results from external services to use them in e.g. munin.
204122,39430,357a-panzerA. Panzer game
205122,47330,357string_houndBark! hunts for strings.
206123,35030,357static_addthisFast Addthis: no external js/css/images + no backlinks to addthis
207126,36630,357shoulda-reuse_setupTest speedup by reusing the setup of a test context
208127,44230,357method_call_recorderRuby: Record methods calls and replay them later
209133,71630,357github-watchingWatching manager
210156,18630,357resque-balancerBalances queues by allotted time, prevents 1 queue from starving all others.
211160,10930,357github-grepMakes github search grep and pipeable