Mostlyalex's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
11,8937,425beefcakeA pure-Ruby Protocol Buffers library
217,99917,941app_statusAppStatus provides a URL which is easily consumable by Nagios or other monitoring tools.
332,00515,333persistent_hashHandy place to stick small bits of persistent data. Like redis if you don't want to ins...
437,44836,352graphite_clientOriginal code by
541,47511,126as2Simple AS2 server and client implementation. Follows the AS2 implementation from http:/...
643,79558,638file_seriesAutomatically start writing to a new file every X seconds without any locking or file m...
745,15231,885cron_swansoneasily schedule multiple apps to run the same job at different times
855,15858,638json_loggerA subclass of Ruby's standard `Logger` which makes it easy to write structured data to ...
973,92358,638time_chunkIterate over time ranges in discrete chunks.
1081,84458,638where_was_iGiven a GPX file and a time reference, return a location.
11103,11958,638serialismLike ActiveModel::Serializer but smaller and not JSON-centric.
12125,95436,352cheferizeTransliterate strings into Swedish Chef.
13142,68743,845eight_cornerMap text to graphic figures inspired by Georg Nees 'eight corner' project.