Ondra-m's Gems

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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
13,8751,909redmine_extensionsRedmine Extensions provide many extended functionalities for Redmine project.
212,20311,485redmine-installerEasy way how install/upgrade Redmine, EasyRedmine or EasyProject.
336,26040,176google_apiSimple Google Api. Include google analytics, url shortener.
450,70040,176ruby-sparkRuby wrapper for Apache Spark
587,08240,176modgenModgen allow discover and use modgen's API
6121,40040,176text-dbTextdb is a database which structure is determined by folders and data are represented ...
7136,64340,176easy_jobAsynchronous job for Redmine, EasyRedmine and EasyProject
8138,38640,176rys-bundlerRecursively resolving rys dependencies