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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
12,1632,738jasmine-railsProvides a Jasmine Spec Runner that plays nicely with Rails 3.2 assets and sets up jasm...
22,2341,455standardRuby Style Guide, with linter & automatic code fixer
33,2573,195rspec-givenGiven is an RSpec extension that allows the use of Given/When/Then terminology when def...
43,2973,355sorcererGenerate the original Ruby source from a Ripper-style abstract syntax tree.
53,3613,373given_coreGiven_core is the basic functionality behind rspec-given and minitest-given, extensions...
64,2366,778gimmegimme attempts to bring to Ruby a test double workflow akin to Mockito in Java. Major d...
75,06425,593good_migrationsReferencing code in app/ from a database migration risks breaking the migration when yo...
88,6744,454standardrbAlias for the standard gem, which has a standardrb binary
911,0665,143cypress-railsHelps you write Cypress tests of your Rails app
1019,81811,019minitest-givenGiven is a Minitest::Spec extension that allows the use of Given/When/Then terminology ...
1120,31111,351todo_or_dieWrite TO​DOs in code that ensure you actually do them
1225,67621,450sutureProvides tools to record calls to legacy code and verify new implementations still work
1325,706132,057bar-of-progressRender custom textual progress bars with a simple little API
1428,71033,719rails-linemanHelps Rails apps integrate a Lineman into their build by wrapping rake assets:precompile
1538,75016,262fine_antsOpens your browser and finds your bank account status.
1645,53034,035servmea simple test server for stubbing API responses
1747,51544,481js_rake_tasksRake tasks for little JavaScript projects
1855,45038,596emorubyA little emoji language that compiles down to Ruby. "It's just ruby."
1956,07929,934referralScan for definitions and references in your Ruby code.
2058,72550,827arg-thatarg-that provides a simple method to create an argument matcher in equality comparisons.
2167,22117,043static-railsBuild & serve static sites (e.g. Jekyll, Hugo) from your Rails app
2278,822133,233cucumber-peelHelps you locate the implementation for a given step
2384,931134,072cucumber-sliceThis tool can be used both locally and by build systems to quickly narrow down which Cu...
2491,07375,733pressletterpressletter is a tool for solving Letterpress puzzles. Using the `pressletter` bina...
25104,135134,072blightBlight provides a sane interface to the very procedural ncurses API
26112,59399,730instastacheMustaches + Instagram
27130,039134,072eiwaParses the JMDict Japanese-English dictionary
28131,70323,602test_dataDumps and Loads data for your Rails app's tests
29137,24823,602time_upA little library for managing multiple named timers
30138,61275,733supertitleMethods for converting between subtitles/captions/transcripts formats
31141,87399,730forewarnallows users to write and configure their own method blacklists to warn of dangerous in...
32151,20075,733soaHelps you migrate from monolithic Ruby to services
33153,89599,730whenkaniHelps you know when you're ready to study WaniKani
34155,68150,827noncommittalEnsures test isolation by preventing your Rails tests from committing to the database
35156,45899,730rubbycopAutomatic Ruby code style checking tool. Aims to enforce the community-driven Ruby ...
36162,252134,072caratCarat manages an application's dependencies through its entire life, across many machin...
37163,72099,730satisfactionTrack your level of happiness in a project.
38164,55099,730katsuyouConjugates Japanese words
39165,81650,827minitest-suiteRe-order your Minitest suite into logical sub-suites/groups