Iox's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
16,44813,270hoboThe web app builder for Rails
27,13129,148hobo_supportCore Ruby extensions from the Hobo project
38,15128,431drymlThe Don't Repeat Yourself Markup Language
48,46829,148hobo_fieldsRich field types and migration generator for Rails
512,95935,054hobo_jqueryJQuery support for Hobo
613,00635,054hobo_rapidThe RAPID tag library for Hobo
713,02435,054hobo_jquery_uiJQuery UI support for Hobo
815,35340,252hobo_bootstrapA bootstrap based theme for Hobo
916,26233,778hobo_cleanThis gem is a Hobo plugin that implements the default Hobo theme.
1016,33435,054hobo_clean_adminThe clean theme for Hobo
1116,57840,252hobo_bootstrap_uiAdditional UI tags for the hobo_bootstrap theme
1220,64635,054hobo_clean_sidemenuThe clean sidemenu theme for Hobo
1321,90285,721hobo_will_paginatewill_paginate provides a simple API for performing paginated queries with Active Record...
1427,08297,183hobo_will_paginate-bootstrapThis gem integrates the Twitter Bootstrap pagination component with the will_paginate p...