Kevinburleigh75's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
110,43351,583openstax_apiProvides models, controllers and libraries that help OpenStax products define API's for...
212,94346,725openstax_accountsThis gem allows Rails apps to easily access the API's and login infrastructure of OpenS...
314,98751,583levRide the rails but don't touch them.
416,05251,583openstax_utilitiesShared utilities for OpenStax web sites
530,43338,334attribeautifulDynamically-generated HTML element attribute management methods
638,24751,583babblerCreates nonsense babble in the form of an adjective plus a noun
749,80134,815eager_beaverFacilitates method_missing, respond_to_missing?, and method-generation activities
855,708134,006openstax_exchangeRuby client for OpenStax Exchange