Barelyknown's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
15,6854,122nearest_time_zoneQuickly find the name of a time zone for a latitude and longitude without relying on a ...
214,72250,070genderedGuess the gender of a name.
319,41938,238geonames_apiSimple ruby client for the GeoNames API to get free and easy geographic info.
422,56822,969rspec-context-privateRSpec shared context to make private methods temporarily public.
529,53915,522aws_sns_subscriptionEasy confirmation of Amazon SNS subscription requests in Rails apps
638,54685,335blekko-searchSearch and manage slashtags for
739,39785,335time_clockCalculate the business time for a period of time.
843,35850,070pundit-resourcesIntegrate JSONAPI::Resources with Pundit
949,94785,335linotypelinotype implements that game mechanic of Letterpress for iOS by atebits software. The ...
1053,50527,725enum_to_symChanges the return value of enums to symbols.
1159,51185,335carrier_infoFetch carrier info off the internet
1260,61485,335autoload_resourcesAutoload resources for Rails controllers
1361,32632,068layout_by_actionAdd layout_by_action method to application controllers
1463,22715,522ruby_quiz_1Solution to ruby quiz #1 @
1565,61727,725controller_resource_classAdd a resource_class method to Rails controllers.
16104,43485,335ff_pulseEndpoint to check the health of an application.
17111,94385,335task_master-fancyhands-rubyA fork of the official ruby gem for the Fancy Hands API
18115,94885,335task_masterA Rails engine that makes it easy to outsource manual tasks using the Fancy Hands API.
19129,75085,335rspec-context-doublesTemporarily toggle the behavior of doubles for an RSpec example group.
20143,53316,472summarize-meetingA command line utility that summarizes a meeting using generative language models.
21145,91550,070elasticsearch_distance_unit_validatorValidator for Elasticsearch distance units.
22148,53485,335precisionCalculate the precision of a anything that can be converted into a decimal.
23149,28650,070ruby_quiz_2Solution to ruby quiz #1 @
24149,41685,335race_partner_registrationsDownload registration list from a Race Partner event.