Wanelo's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
117,95617,944lapineTalk to rabbits
220,37117,532sequel-schema-shardingCreate horizontally sharded Sequel models with Postgres
320,90712,223postmodernTools for managing PostgreSQL
424,917136,605cache-objectObject R/W Caching on top of ActiveRecord
527,86318,391pauseThis gem provides highly flexible and easy to use interface to define rate limit checks...
635,03754,945counter-cacheThis makes it easier.
736,22419,317joyent-provisionerWrapper gem around provisioning clusters of servers on Joyent cloud
838,631136,605ventableEvent/Observable design pattern in ruby
940,431136,605compositorDefine simple "compositor" classes that represent your domain objects in terms of Hashe...
1043,47133,627sequel-replica-failoverAutomatically failover between replicas when they go down.
1185,57164,371spanxReal time IP parsing and rate detection gem for access_log files
12111,41198,702sidekiq-dynamicSidekiq-dynamic creates a subclass of Sidekiq::Worker, named Sidekiq::Dynamic::Worker, ...