Emstolfo's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
1243197elasticsearch-transportRuby client for Elasticsearch. See the `elasticsearch` gem for full integration.
2244199elasticsearch-apiRuby API for Elasticsearch. See the `elasticsearch` gem for full integration.
3246201elasticsearchRuby integrations for Elasticsearch (client, API, etc.)
4735491elasticsearch-modelActiveModel/Record integrations for Elasticsearch.
5816527elasticsearch-railsRuby on Rails integrations for Elasticsearch.
69442,477bson_extC extensions to accelerate the Ruby BSON serialization. For more information about BSON...
71,3302,295originOrigin is a simple DSL for generating MongoDB selectors and options
81,6011,559elasticsearch-dslA Ruby DSL builder for Elasticsearch
91,7291,665mongoid-compatibilityCompatibility helpers for Mongoid.
101,7811,295elasticsearch-extensionsExtensions for the Elasticsearch Rubygem
111,9951,858elasticsearch-persistencePersistence layer for Ruby models and Elasticsearch.
122,4312,626mongoid-grid_fsA pure Mongoid/Moped implementation of the MongoDB GridFS specification
132,5121,997mongoid-historyThis library tracks historical changes for any document, including embedded ones. It ac...
142,6161,868elastic-apmThe official Elastic APM agent for Ruby
152,6592,344mongoid-rspecRSpec matches for Mongoid models, including association and validation matchers.
163,5592,271elasticsearch-xpackRuby integrations for the X-Pack extensions for Elasticsearch
174,0346,842mongo_session_storeRails session stores for Mongoid, or any other ODM. Rails 4 compatible.
184,3985,538mongoid-lockerAllows multiple processes to operate on individual documents in MongoDB while ensuring ...
195,5406,220mongoid-slugMongoid URL slug or permalink generator
205,6605,083mongoid_searchSimple full text search implementation.
215,9298,163mongoid_orderableEnables Mongoid models to track their position in list
227,0465,819mongoid-geospatialMongoid Extension that simplifies MongoDB casting and operations on spatial Ruby objects.
238,79618,391mongoid-cached-jsonCached-json is a DSL for describing JSON representations of Mongoid models.
249,06618,391mongoid-scrollMongoid extensions to enable infinite scroll.
259,27611,975mongoid-shellDerive shell commands from Mongoid configuration options.
2620,36863,600mongoid-collection-snapshotEasy maintenence of collections of processed data in MongoDB with the Mongoid ODM.
2736,4709,638ecs-loggingWrite a longer description or delete this line.
2854,07053,424mongoid-tag-collectibleEasily maintain a collection of Tag instances with aggregate counts from your model's t...