Tompng's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
1825254relineAlternative GNU Readline or Editline implementation by pure Ruby.
2866267irbInteractive Ruby command-line tool for REPL (Read Eval Print Loop).
315,82356,038rubocop-codetaktThis includes the RuboCop configuration used by codeTakt. It is for the unification...
418,53026,758katakata_irbIRB with Typed Completion
528,43315,315screenxtvSoftware for broadcasting your terminal to
638,1886,599repl_type_completorType based completion for REPL.
749,23528,489ar_syncActiveRecord data synchronized with frontend DataStore
862,44539,177ar_serializerActiveRecord serializer, avoid N+1
964,49647,391top_n_loaderload top n records for each group
1095,947103,205penguin_queueC Ext Priority Queue (binary heap)
11117,195103,205no_sltdProvides a simple way to avoid stack level too deep for recursive functions
12141,49270,382unodosInfinite number sequence generator
13180,524103,205irb-theme-rk2024IRB color theme for 2024