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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
116,79214,091yard-contractsThis YARD plugin uses Contracts and method signatures, merged with your optional do...
232,8128,888vector_saladA tool aiming to intuitively enable designers with basic programming experience such ...
358,11234,111ruby_clipperBuilds a native ruby extension for Clipper
458,33548,251fancy_to_procHave you ever wished Symbol#to_proc was chainable and took arguments? Now it does.
560,64127,560named_returnNamed return paths using `throw` and DSL around catch
663,57548,251emoticon_fontifyAdd emoticon font to assets and convert text to unicode symbols.
773,77348,251sniffuxUse user-agent string to reason about UX expectations. E.g. Should the Cancel button in...
891,95648,251spiroBundle the C library.
998,27148,251minitest-blink1_reporterLights up your Blink(1) red / orange / green when tests pass / skip / fail, and purple ...
10113,27048,251fresh_vector_saladLive reloads images generated by Vector Salad