Timriley's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
1265211dry-coreA toolset of small support modules used throughout the dry-rb ecosystem
2298314dry-configurableA mixin to add configuration functionality to your classes
3299237dry-logicPredicate logic with rule composition
4302236dry-typesType system for Ruby supporting coercions, constraints and complex types like structs, ...
5338553dry-containerA simple, configurable object container implemented in Ruby
65291,202dry-equalizerModule to define equality, equivalence and inspection methods
7638436dry-validationValidation library
8696328dry-initializerDSL for declaring params and options of the initializer
91,496920dry-monadsCommon monads for Ruby
101,5821,524dry-auto_injectContainer-agnostic automatic constructor injection
111,967643dry-cliCommon framework to build command line interfaces with Ruby
122,2041,814dry-matcherFlexible, expressive pattern matching for Ruby
132,4402,419dry-monitorMonitoring and instrumentation APIs
142,9272,318dry-transactionBusiness Transaction Flow DSL
153,5193,714hanami-utilsHanami utilities
163,6802,772dry-systemOrganize your code into reusable components
174,8724,209hanami-routerRack compatible HTTP router for Ruby
185,0854,708hanami-validationsValidations mixin for Ruby objects and support for Hanami
195,5104,780hanami-controllerComplete, fast and testable actions for Rack
205,7875,300hanamiHanami is a web framework for Ruby
216,0025,426dry-effectsAlgebraic effects
226,0705,655hanami-cliHanami command line
236,3166,581hanami-viewA complete, standalone view rendering system that gives you everything you need to writ...
246,6496,843hanami-assetsAssets management for Ruby web applications
256,6727,201hanami-helpersView helpers for Ruby applications
266,7357,183hanami-mailerMail for Ruby applications and Hanami mailers
277,3057,125hanami-modelA persistence framework with entities and repositories
2811,82316,739dry-componentOrganize your code into reusable components
2912,4446,923dry-web-rodaRoda integration for dry-web apps
3012,64216,363dry-viewA complete, standalone view rendering system that gives you everything you need to writ...
3112,8636,433roda-flowThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
3213,09510,613hanami-webconsoleHanami webconsole for development
3313,8726,999dry-webLightweight web application stack on top of dry-system
3418,1427,907hanami-reloaderCode reloading for Hanami
3518,32430,692dry-system-railsRailtie for dry-system
3619,0947,347hanami-rspecHanami RSpec generators and Rake tasks
3724,86911,750hanami-apiExtremely fast and lightweight HTTP API
3826,69016,739formalistFlexible form builder
3956,59745,728notgunReloading Rack development server (Shotgun fork with Rack 2.0+ support)
4060,00145,728call_sheetBusiness Transaction Flow DSL
4175,01945,728cacofonixONIX support for Ruby applications
4277,01845,728dry-result_matcherExpressive, all-in-one match API for Kleisli Either monads
4382,01645,728snowpackLightweight application framework for Icelab
4486,50145,728hanami-ujsHanami Unobtrusive JavaScript
4589,47745,728dry-pipelinePipeline operator for callable objects
46102,21245,728cacofonix-dtdsXML catalog for locally accessible ONIX 2.0 and 2.1 DTDs
47110,45345,728either_result_matcherExpressive, all-in-one match API for Kleisli Either monads
48124,45145,728saucerlyPDF rending plugin for Rails using FlyingSaucer.
49144,51445,728intercity_expressA collection of helpful utilities for Rails projects.
50161,02345,728hanami-authAuthentication for Hanami
51164,56345,728hanami-webpackManage Hanami assets with Webpack