Timriley's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
1345234dry-configurableA mixin to add configuration functionality to your classes
2352219dry-coreA toolset of small support modules used throughout the dry-rb ecosystem
3376242dry-containerA simple, configurable object container implemented in Ruby
4442260dry-logicPredicate logic with rule composition
5448261dry-typesType system for Ruby supporting coercions, constraints and complex types like structs, ...
6528337dry-equalizerModule to define equality, equivalence and inspection methods
7772481dry-validationValidation library
8950468dry-initializerDSL for declaring params and options of the initializer
91,5471,546dry-auto_injectContainer-agnostic automatic constructor injection
101,6621,058dry-monadsCommon monads for Ruby
112,3831,502dry-matcherFlexible, expressive pattern matching for Ruby
122,5272,066dry-monitorMonitoring and instrumentation APIs
133,0682,378dry-transactionBusiness Transaction Flow DSL
143,4263,403hanami-utilsHanami utilities
154,0333,270dry-systemOrganize your code into reusable components
164,6832,690dry-cliCommon framework to build command line interfaces with Ruby
175,0334,171hanami-validationsValidations mixin for Ruby objects and support for Hanami
185,1964,089hanami-routerRack compatible HTTP router for Ruby
195,7594,412hanami-controllerComplete, fast and testable actions for Rack
205,9036,286hanami-cliHanami framework to build command line interfaces with Ruby
216,1224,515hanamiHanami is a web framework for Ruby
226,1755,093hanami-viewView layer for Hanami
236,3765,762hanami-helpersView helpers for Ruby applications
246,5315,847hanami-mailerMail for Ruby applications and Hanami mailers
257,1635,840hanami-modelA persistence framework with entities and repositories
267,8345,813dry-effectsAlgebraic effects
279,62325,741dry-componentOrganize your code into reusable components
2810,85412,233dry-web-rodaRoda integration for dry-web apps
2911,10015,698dry-viewA complete, standalone view rendering system that gives you everything you need to writ...
3011,60618,496roda-flowThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
3111,97720,353dry-webLightweight web application stack on top of dry-system
3212,3317,547hanami-webconsoleHanami webconsole for development
3314,88540,384dry-system-railsRailtie for dry-system
3428,91317,594hanami-apiExtremely fast and lightweight HTTP API
3529,98227,456hanami-reloaderCode reloading for Hanami
3633,26519,509formalistFlexible form builder
3759,186139,326call_sheetBusiness Transaction Flow DSL
3861,64377,257notgunReloading Rack development server (Shotgun fork with Rack 2.0+ support)
3969,33577,257dry-result_matcherExpressive, all-in-one match API for Kleisli Either monads
4084,16877,257dry-pipelinePipeline operator for callable objects
4187,90840,744snowpackLightweight application framework for Icelab
4293,71546,108hanami-ujsHanami Unobtrusive JavaScript
4395,502139,326cacofonixONIX support for Ruby applications
44107,22177,257either_result_matcherExpressive, all-in-one match API for Kleisli Either monads
45117,15598,244saucerlyPDF rending plugin for Rails using FlyingSaucer.
46136,620139,326cacofonix-dtdsXML catalog for locally accessible ONIX 2.0 and 2.1 DTDs
47138,30998,244intercity_expressA collection of helpful utilities for Rails projects.
48158,47298,244hanami-authAuthentication for Hanami
49161,78498,244hanami-webpackManage Hanami assets with Webpack