Picandocodigo's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
1222161elasticsearch-apiRuby API for Elasticsearch. See the `elasticsearch` gem for full integration.
2224162elasticsearchRuby integrations for Elasticsearch (client, API, etc.)
3235269elasticsearch-transportRuby client for Elasticsearch. See the `elasticsearch` gem for full integration.
4733967elasticsearch-modelActiveModel/Record integrations for Elasticsearch.
58071,042elasticsearch-railsRuby on Rails integrations for Elasticsearch.
61,5911,541elasticsearch-dslA Ruby DSL builder for Elasticsearch
71,7092,657elasticsearch-extensionsExtensions for the Elasticsearch Rubygem
81,9982,178elasticsearch-persistencePersistence layer for Ruby models and Elasticsearch.
92,679409elastic-transportLow level Ruby client for Elastic. See the `elasticsearch` or `elastic-enterprise-searc...
103,4141,919elasticsearch-xpackRuby integrations for the X-Pack extensions for Elasticsearch
114,0561,588elastic-enterprise-searchOfficial API client for Elastic Enterprise Search APIs.
125,5122,867elastic-app-searchAPI client for accessing the Elastic App Search API with no dependencies.
138,2903,334elastic-workplace-searchAPI client for accessing the Elastic Workplace Search API with no dependencies.
1417,26017,080administrate-field-paperclipIntegrates Paperclip as a field for Administrate in Rails apps
1528,32162,634ghpreviewCommand line utility for previewing Markdown files with Github styling
1630,89112,458ci_uyA gem to validate Uruguayan Identity Documents (Cedula de Identidad Uruguaya)
1761,18062,634thegamesdbRuby Client for TheGamesDB API (thegamesdb.net). See README.md for usage
1873,94262,634gibilShow a notification of your computer's temperature. It can be programmed as a cronjob, ...
1995,40862,634ricojsonUses Ruby's JSON to parse and format json files, includes an option to open them in the...
20105,95362,634volumerbGem to manage the computer's volume
21114,56062,634howlongA simple gem which allows you to see how long a process has been running on your system...
22124,90543,332excelsiorooA gem to export spreadsheet files data into JSON