Splittingred's Gems

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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
14,0233,016grufgRPC Ruby Framework for building complex gRPC applications at scale
25,7544,348gruf-rspecRSpec assistance library for gruf, including testing helpers
36,8915,950gruf-newrelicPlugin for New Relic for gruf
48,1706,388omniauth-bigcommerceOfficial OmniAuth strategy for BigCommerce.
511,19128,636kag-gatherA bot for starting and managing KAG Gather matches
612,1009,133bc-lightstep-rubyGem for lightstep distributed tracing
714,6959,204gruf-lightstepPlugin for lightstep tracing for gruf
816,3037,501gruf-commanderCommand/request syntax helper for gruf
921,1557,015bc-prometheus-rubySimple integration of ruby and puma servers with prometheus
1023,6877,080gruf-prometheusPrometheus support for gruf
1125,6217,037bigcommerce-multitrapAllows Signal.trap to have multiple callbacks
1233,25428,636gruf-zipkinPlugin for zipkin tracing for gruf
1335,7859,848gruf-sentryAutomatically report gruf failures as sentry errors
1449,51716,418gruf-profilerAdds memory reporting and rbtrace to gruf servers
1551,16228,636splittingredShaun McCormick's resume in gem form
1651,41628,636kageratorEasy, quick consumption and reading of the King Arthur's Gold Public API
17143,34528,636gruf-circuit-breakerPlugin for implementing the circuit breaker pattern for gruf gRPC requests