Petems's Gems

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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
11,2601,361hiera-eyamlHiera backend for decrypting encrypted yaml properties
24,8747,515puppet-doc-lintDoc Parser for Puppet Modules. Returns Information about documentation.
35,9296,448capistrano-specHelpers and matchers for testing capistrano
412,33337,027tugboatA command line tool for interacting with your DigitalOcean droplets.
513,56737,027cucumber-puppetcucumber-puppet is a tool for behavioral testing of Puppet catalogs
613,85237,027bargeRuby library for version 2 of DigitalOcean's API
717,21737,027vagrant-puppet-installA Vagrant plugin that ensures the desired version of Puppet is installed via the Puppet...
830,89837,027puppet-graph-petemsThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
941,76337,027boxen-module-makerGet your boxen modules up and running easily
1057,88637,027dropbox-api-petemsTo deliver a more Rubyesque experience when using the DropBox API (forked by petems).
1164,33937,027riot_apiA Ruby gem for the Riot Games API
1266,75537,027capistrano-ext-puppetize-petemsCapistrano extension to run Puppet manifests contained in the application to be deployed
1371,55037,027mplayer-rubyA Ruby wrapper for MPlayer
1472,66537,027vagrant-adamA Vagrant plugin that runs a given provision script before any other tasks.
1595,84237,027slipsquareA command line tool for uploading to dropbox.
16121,73037,027faraday_middleware_safeyamlVarious middleware for Faraday - forked to fix security issue (Waiting on https://githu...
17122,28337,027judyA command line tool for uploading to dropbox.
18126,27737,027chronosphereA command line tool for various calendar and date tasks
19130,09337,027fallcliA curses CLI app for Dropbox
20147,86537,027jruby-ldap-patchedPort of Ruby/LDAP to JRuby, with patch for Puppetserver