Digitalextremist's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
1162307celluloidCelluloid enables people to build concurrent programs out of concurrent objects just as...
2203329celluloid-ioEvented IO for Celluloid actors
3227336celluloid-supervisionSupervisors, Supervision Groups, and Supervision Trees for Celluloid.
4228337celluloid-poolAn implementation of an actor pool, based on the Celluloid concurrent object framework.
5229334celluloid-essentialsNotifications, Internals, Logging, Probe, and essential Celluloid pieces demanding Supe...
6231338celluloid-fsmSimple finite state machines with integrated Celluloid timeout support.
7232334celluloid-extrasClasses to support examples, benchmarks, or add special functionality.
85,48759,276rspec-logsplitA new logger for each example
97,69828,593reelA Celluloid::IO-powered HTTP server
1013,8008,028celluloid-zmqCelluloid bindings to the ffi-rzmq library
1116,9139,505dcellDCell is an distributed object framework based on Celluloid built on 0MQ and Zookeeper
1217,87862,634reel-rackRack adapter for Reel
1384,30328,593estoProcess statistics, and utility for finding problems in Celluloid systems.
1485,62834,320abstractiveBase utilities and framework for Abstractive gems.
1589,27828,593cellumonThread summary and reporting actor, utility for finding leaks and monitoring.
1690,13762,634timespansTime delineation and organization utilities.
1790,46934,320celluloid-dnsCelluloid::DNS provides a high-performance DNS client resolver and server which can b...
18105,34043,332easelTransmedia framework for strategic decentral applications.
19105,41134,320celluloid-cultureIn which we try to codify Celluloid's life philosophy as Ruby
20105,43462,634phyreRuby without the sap.
21110,47662,634matioxRuby gem for Aj'kij daykeepers and uninitiated alike.
22123,96462,634reeltalkWeb chat system using Celluloid+Reel+Websockets
23128,43962,634omnirepoCreate a new omnibus repository out of collections of existing GitHub repositories.
24133,77562,634reefCelluloid::IO & Reel powered HTTP(S)/WS framework foundation module.
25135,70943,332cultureEnvironment for ECell to flourish within.
26137,65943,332ecellDistributed Concurrent Objects, Evolved
27138,00143,332celluloid-task-pooledfiberAn alternate Task implementation for Celluloid which improves performance by reusing a ...
28140,32662,634refrescarCode reloader, implemented using Celluloid and rb-inotify.
29141,66943,332celluloid-experimentalExperimenting with the next wave of Celluloid before it's released.
30144,00643,332celluloid-smtpA small, fast, evented, actor-based, highly customizable Ruby SMTP server.
31149,27262,634nadaNoSQL abstraction layer for Ruby, with 'evented' I/O provided by Celluloid.
32150,59562,634reel-dslURI-based CRUD endpoint routing for Reel; supporting HTTP/S requests, Web Sockets, and ...
33152,76762,634zeroneConcurrent Decentral Transmedia Framework
34153,85243,332celluloid-imapA small, fast, evented, actor-based, highly customizable Ruby IMAP server.
35154,32262,634verticesRuby infrastructure framework pushing the limits of Hoop
36154,67243,332celluloid-managerModular system for outfitting an actor who maintains the Actor::System.
37154,74643,332celluloid-lock-detectionDetect and announce locked tasks for threaded and fibered actors.
38155,08943,332celluloid-unlockerOnce deadlocked actor tasks are detected, gracefully and automatically unlock them.
39155,95562,634reel-sessionsPersistent & semi-persistent server-side data storage for web browsing.
40159,40143,332celluloid-coordinatorA work-dispatch system where the coordinator is decoupled from the workers
41159,71862,634reel-ioEvented WebSockets and Server Side Events for Ruby, using Celluloid::IO and WebSocket::...
42161,72162,634slack_ruby_bot_authorizationEasy way to build a whitelist authorization mechanism for slack ruby bot commands. De...
43164,03962,634wokePlatform and Environment for conscious digital Presence and Participation.
44164,54443,332artilleryStateless distributed atomic dynamic execution.
45167,60262,634hoopRINA foundation classes for Ruby