Yoshiori's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
18,91210,140garage_clientRuby client library for the Garage API
229,26145,221pact_expectationsManage and convert Pact expectations to stubs for Remote Facade.
371,48629,217baby_facebaby_face is a mix-in module to provide a simple classifier.
473,77448,393ruboty-scorekeeperruboty handler. increment decrement scorekeeper
685,49348,393s3-gyazoprivate gyazo command using s3.
791,36259,538ruboty-hitozumaWhimsical Magi system
897,53192,897geo_stalkerGet your location using your around wifi access point.
9105,23335,718active_record-ssh_tunnelConnect ActiveRecord with SSH Tunnel.
10109,18465,618ruboty-attendanceSystem of attendance by ruboty.
11115,09492,897fc2Very simple file cahce.
12126,28748,393akane-kinesisstorage plugin for akane that post to Amazon Kinesis.
13129,97192,897mock_aws_s3_on_memorysimple AWS::S3 mock. so you can use it in your tests without use the network.
14149,77374,524ruboty-sqlSql handler for Ruboty