Fauxparse's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
115,6889,805cryRidiculously simple interface for subscribing to arbitrary events on your objects and e...
222,691136,605credentialsA generic actor/resource permission framework based on rules, not objects.
372,167136,605action_auditorKeep an audit trail of actions in your application
489,63277,462mongo_nested_setPort of awesome_nested_set for MongoMapper
5113,384136,605brute_squadSick of authentication frameworks with all the sauces? Me too.
6166,73198,702matchy_matchyA cute Stable Match implementation
7167,84998,702jocelynTools to slightly randomise a list.
8173,19048,371rice_bubbleSimple serialization for Ruby objects. Part of your complete breakfast.