Meganemura's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
12,5964,434apartmentApartment allows Rack applications to deal with database multitenancy through ActiveRecord
24,1008,820apartment-sidekiqEnable Multi-tenant supported jobs to work with Sidekiq background worker
37,18356,038db_schema_checkerCheck the consistency of generated schema.rb
49,79526,758compathCompath generates a guide of directory structure in the project
545,020103,205ignored_removed_columnsFind removed or typo columns defined in ignored_columns
645,533103,205ruby-dmmClient for the DMM Web Service API v3.0.
776,316103,205motion-template-spritekitSpriteKit project templates for RubyMotion (iOS/OSX)
881,761103,205slocA tool for counting source lines of code
985,53656,038tuneesSimple iTunes controller via JXA (JavaScript for Automation)
1086,01160,926fluent-plugin-midiMIDI Input/Output plugin for Fluentd event collector
1195,13160,926upstreamerAdd `upstream` remote-tracking branch to your forked repository by tracking GitHub.
1296,11743,761codestatusFind out a build status for packages in any languages
1398,29160,926string_with_unitAdd Integer#to_string_with_unit to easily express a number with singular/plural unit
14107,42280,006envryoEvernote various events notifier via Yo.
15111,563103,205prefixed_delegationEnhance delegate method by prefixed option
16118,326103,205ruboty-line_botLINE BOT API adapter for Ruboty.
17132,99480,006faraday_middleware-openapiFaraday middleware for validation by OpenAPI
18151,705103,205execjs-runtimes-jxaExecJS Runtime for JXA (JavaScript for Automation)
19154,702103,205rspec-git_specifierDefine RSpec helper methods to test against git repository (commits, branches, etc).
20162,014103,205object_to_graphqlGraphQL Query generator from Ruby object structure
21162,735103,205pdigThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
22165,36180,006packaryThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
23165,41580,006packagistThis rubygem does not have a description or summary.
24168,049103,205ghost_schemaImprove development experience of rollbacking Rails missing migrations
25169,817103,205method_publisherMake private methods public