Kaspth's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
116,87911,154minitest-byebugMinitest plugin that starts a byebug session on test failures
2171,01639,697struct-initializerReuse Struct.new's attr_reader and initialize generation in any class.
3171,07639,697active_record-associated_objectAssociate a Ruby PORO with an Active Record class and have it quack like one.
4171,22139,697active_record-ingressPass control of Active Record methods to a dedicated object.
5171,30439,697minitest-setSet configurations for the duration of a test or a block with automatic reset.
6171,39239,697action_controller-stashed_redirectsEmbed a controller flow within another by stashing the final redirect upfront and perfo...