Tstrachota's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
16,6576,158kafoIf you write puppet modules for installing your software, you can use kafo to create po...
26,7433,133lolsoapA library for dealing with SOAP requests and responses. We tear our hair out so you don...
38,8427,274hammer_cli_foremanForeman commands for Hammer CLI
49,3877,938hammer_cliHammer cli provides universal extendable CLI interface for ruby apps
522,30511,321foreman_virt_who_configureA plugin to make virt-who configuration easy
650,77740,448hammer_cli_katello_bridgeKatello commands for Hammer CLI. This plugin use Katello CLI to run the commands.
759,57026,070hammer_cli_foreman_virt_who_configurePlugin for configuring Virt Who
8140,52896,446foreman_deploymentsA plugin adding Multi-Host Deployment support into the Foreman.
9157,48896,446hammer_cli_experimentalExperimental extensions for Hammer CLI
10158,654136,642apipie-diffDiff tool for ApiPie documentation