Petercamilleri's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
113,4429,433full_dupA (safe/no exceptions) dup variant that performs a deep, recursive copy.
215,08168,824mini_readlinemini_readline: A compact, little gem for console command entry with line edit and histo...
315,12168,824myshmysh -- a Ruby inspired command shell for CLI and application use.
419,60520,574fibonacci_rngA Fibonacci inspired pseudo random number generator with error detection.
520,76868,824format_engineA meta-engine for creating string formatters and parsers like the strftime and strptime...
629,49468,824vlsA CLI and Rails console utility that lists the versions of modules used by the specifie...
730,98968,824fOOrthAn Object Oriented FORTHesque language gem.
833,52368,824full_cloneA (safe/no exceptions) clone variant that performs a deep, recursive copy.
938,15668,824in_arrayEncapsulate data in an array unless it's already in one.
1038,38468,824ruby_sscanfA formatted string data parser for Ruby
1140,14868,824safe_cloneA safer version of the clone method that avoids unnecessary exceptions.
1241,97168,824safe_dupA safer version of the dup method that avoids unnecessary exceptions.
1344,25268,824option_list[Deprecated] Flexible, Easy Function Parameters with Validation.
1445,85068,824flex_arrayA flexible, multidimensional array class for Ruby.
1549,63321,746composite_rngA composable random number generator.
1657,95068,824lexical_analyzerThe RCTP configurable lexical analyser.
1759,14568,824mystikoAn example of a simple data security system.
1865,05268,824minitest_visibleSlightly more visible progress for mini-test.
1965,64368,824make_gemA script to construct a gem skeleton in the manner desirable to me.
2071,64668,824pause_outputpause_output: A simple facility to pause output on the console terminal.
2181,06468,824parse_queueThe RCTP object queue for moving compiler tokens with nestable backtrack capability.
2284,77768,824fully_freezeA deep, recursive freeze and freeze tester.
2389,29268,824mini_termA portable encapsulation of the console terminal. Supports Linux, Mac, Windows, and Cyg...
2489,65268,824insouciantinsouciant: Run code and not worry about exceptions or errors.
2590,42368,824mini_erbA simplified, streamlined, pure ruby replacement for erb.
2697,16368,824format_outputFormatted bullet points, columns, or word wrap to the console or strings.
2798,17532,402counted_cacheA cache for read mostly data with a high cost of retrieval.
2898,75236,777connect_n_gameThe Captain's Mistress Game Generalized for 4 to 8 pieces.
29120,09168,824test65A testing framework for work on the Commander X 16.