Kalashnikovisme's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
17,27043,332tramway-adminEngine for admin
27,96443,332tramway-coreCore for all Tramway Rails Engines
39,24459,276tramway-eventRails engine for events
49,43462,634tramway-landingLanding Engine for your Rails projects
512,52462,634tramway-apiEngine for api
613,36962,634kabalKabal allows you to translate numbers into text on languages: English, Russian, Deutsch...
717,15062,634tramway-conferenceEngine for Conference web sites
817,74762,634tramway-userEngine for users in your Rails app
922,20462,634tramway-sport_schoolEngine for Sport School web sites
1023,99443,332tramway-pageDescription of Tramway::Page.
1135,70262,634tramway-profilesRails engine for social networks profiles
1237,59862,634tramway-authRails engine for auth
1339,34162,634trapBootstrap helpers
1439,57262,634tramway-exportRails engine for exporting data
1549,91362,634russia_regionsСписок субъектов Российской Федерации.
1653,09862,634tramway-newsRails engine for news
1753,98462,634json_api_test_helpersJSON API helpers for testing
1855,45062,634karamzinПринимает на вход строку и возвращает строку с проставленной буквой Ё именно в тех слов...
1955,55562,634state_machine_buttonsState Machines events buttons renderer
2064,41162,634tramway-partnerRails engine for partners
2166,89828,593copyright_mafaSimple copyright helper
2272,49262,634tramway-siteRails engine for person site
2380,50262,634more_html_tagsMore HTML tags for Ruby on Rails
2480,76262,634xls_exporterWrite a longer description or delete this line.
2581,59734,320academic_degreeAcademic Degree has all academic degrees of all systems and on many languages (for vers...
2684,79462,634smart_localesSmart locales for Russian
2784,95862,634smart_buttonsReplacement of Rails `link_to` method with static HTML
2886,03562,634scopes_railsDescription of ScopesRails.
29101,97662,634paybox_apiPaybox API wrapper for version 3.3+
30104,26562,634hashtag_urlEasy urls on social networks hash tags
31105,89962,634tramway-mailoutRails Engine for your mailouts
3294,43649,584tramway-notifyRails engine for notifications
33134,02462,634termin-ansicolorThis library uses ANSI escape sequences to control the attributes of terminal output. T...
34151,77743,332capybara_helpersSome new helpers for capybara.
35153,32762,634tconsole-rails4tconsole allows Rails developers to easily and quickly run their tests as a whole or in...
36161,92743,332bootstrap-kaminari-views-reloadBootstrap-ify pagination with Kaminari - Compatible with Bootstrap 2.x, 3.x
37164,03962,634tramwayEngine for everything in your Rails app
38172,04762,634tramway-botsRails Engine for bot management