Ras_khadafi's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
141,36736,410iso-iban_validationIBAN rails validator with iso-iban.
246,61227,232capistrano-torqueboxTorquebox support for Capistrano 3.x
363,03171,676eye-userenvRead and load the user envs from a specific file
466,39665,380rack-serverinfoDisplay in a div the hostname, running user, rails env.
579,98876,233tabledata-railsRails view helpers for tabledata gem.
6137,599131,316pdf_box-measurementsA few tools and extensions on Numeric for use in the pdf_box.
7155,669131,316rails_cldrThis engines serves and loads the required json data for cldr.
8158,67194,395activerecord-oracle-queueThis gem extends active record and it's migrations for oracle queue support.
9159,410131,316rails_admin-code-boxExtend rails_admin so that code-box attribute can be administrated.
10162,548131,316sequel-oracle_enhancedExtend sequel adapters with oracle_enhanced to have same naming as for activerecord