Tas50's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
1561477ohaiOhai profiles your system and emits JSON
2617375mixlib-shelloutRun external commands on Unix or Windows
3709396mixlib-cliA simple mixin for CLI interfaces, including option parsing
4769408mixlib-configA class based configuration library
5771445mixlib-logA gem that provides a simple mixin for log functionality
6794458mixlib-versioningGeneral purpose Ruby library that allows you to parse, compare and manipulate version s...
7818517mixlib-installA library for interacting with Chef Software Inc's software distribution systems.
8866985chefA systems integration framework, built to bring the benefits of configuration managemen...
9917958mixlib-authenticationMixes in simple per-request authentication
109501,289chef-vaultData encryption support for Chef Infra using data bags
11959448chef-configChef Infra's default configuration and config loading library
129681,694busserBusser - Runs tests for projects in Test Kitchen
131,021944chef-zeroSelf-contained, easy-setup, fast-start in-memory Chef server for testing and solo setup...
141,032453ffi-yajlRuby FFI wrapper around YAJL 2.x
151,094460libyajl2Installs a vendored copy of libyajl2 for distributions which lack it
161,123485wmi-liteA lightweight utility over win32ole for accessing basic WMI (Windows Management Instrum...
171,2731,656semverseAn elegant library for representing and comparing SemVer versions and constraints
181,3122,392ridleyA reliable Chef API client with a clean syntax
191,3632,399varia_modelA mixin to provide objects with magic attribute reading and writing
201,3672,404buff-extensionsExtensions to Core Ruby classes
211,3752,419buff-shell_outA mixin for issuing shell commands and collecting the output
221,3792,409buff-ruby_engineA mixin for querying the platform running Ruby
231,3822,415buff-configA simple configuration class
241,4132,395buff-ignoreParse ignore files with Ruby
251,4822,120test-kitchenTest Kitchen is an integration tool for developing and testing infrastructure code and ...
261,5381,684solveA Ruby version constraint solver
271,5591,896berkshelfManages a Chef cookbook's dependencies
282,1272,276minitest-chef-handlerRun minitest suites after your Chef recipes to check the status of your system.
292,2042,838kitchen-dockerA Docker Driver for Test Kitchen
302,3482,193chefspecChefSpec is a unit testing and resource coverage (code coverage) framework for testing ...
312,3692,882foodcriticA code linting tool for Chef Infra cookbooks.
322,3822,808kitchen-vagrantKitchen::Driver::Vagrant - A Vagrant Driver for Test Kitchen.
332,4204,948berkshelf-api-clientAPI Client for communicating with a Berkshelf API server
342,9452,711busser-rspecA Busser runner plugin for RSpec
353,0023,272kitchen-ec2A Test Kitchen Driver for Amazon EC2
363,1874,510busser-batsA Busser runner plugin for Bats
373,2635,176knife-soloHandles bootstrapping, running chef solo, rsyncing cookbooks etc
383,9265,103cheffishA set of Chef resources for configuring Chef Infra.
393,9403,405cookstyleCookstyle is a code linting tool that helps you to write better Chef Infra cookbooks by...
404,0043,501kitchen-dokkenA Test Kitchen Driver for Docker & Chef Infra optimized for rapid testing using Chef In...
414,4822,286fauxhai-ngEasily mock out ohai data
424,82915,388vagrant-omnibusA Vagrant plugin that ensures the desired version of Chef is installed via the platform...
434,8663,747appbundlerExtracts a dependency solution from bundler's Gemfile.lock to speed gem activation
445,01710,079em-winrmEventMachine based, asynchronous parallel WinRM client
455,3178,415vagrant-berkshelfA Vagrant plugin to add Berkshelf integration to the Chef provisioners
465,3945,210chefstyleRuboCop configuration for Chef's ruby projects
475,5433,662kitchen-googleA Test-Kitchen driver for Google Compute Engine
485,7275,092guard-foodcriticGuard::Foodcritic automatically runs foodcritic.
496,37314,738kitchen-openstackA Test Kitchen OpenStack Nova driver
507,46221,310kitchen-digitaloceanA Test Kitchen Driver for Digital Ocean
517,83610,513chef-dkA streamlined development and deployment workflow for Chef platform.
528,7949,872ubuntu_amiRetrieves AMI information from Canonical's Ubuntu release list.Also provides a knife pl...
539,83913,934chef-vault-testfixtureschef-vault-testfixtures provides an RSpec shared context that stubs access to chef-vaul...
5410,39510,885kitchen-azurermTest Kitchen driver for the Microsoft Azure Resource Manager (ARM) API
5511,46744,007buff-platformA mixin for querying the platform running Ruby
5612,29344,007guard-kitchenGuard plugin for test kitchen
5713,51630,167thor-foodcriticFoodCritic Thor tasks for your Cookbook projects
5813,53428,880berkshelf-apiBerkshelf dependency API server
5913,99416,683winrm-transport[DEPRECATED] Please use the WinRM gem instead. WinRM transport logic for re-using remot...
6015,09636,419kitchen-nodesA Test Kitchen Provisioner for Chef Nodes
6115,46230,167kitchen-hypervHyper-V Driver for Test-Kitchen
6215,67444,007busser-bashA Busser runner plugin for testing bash scripts
6318,19044,007busser-minitestA Busser runner plugin for the minitest testing library
6421,56630,167kitchen-pesterSkip all that Busser stuff and jump right into Pester.
6522,05644,007kitchen-dsc== DESCRIPTION: DSC Provisioner for Test Kitchen == FEATURES: TBD
6623,39028,880berkflowA CLI for managing Chef Environments using Berkshelf and the Environment Cookbook Pattern.
6728,42644,007reaganTrust But Verify - Ruby build script for Jenkins that automates the testing of Chef coo...
6841,75744,007comradYour rad comrade - Sync changes from git to Chef Server via Jenkins
6946,70144,007singelUnified system image creation using Packer
7069,80744,007berkshelf-bzrA Berkshelf plugin that adds support for downloading Chef cookbooks from Bazaar locations.
71106,35944,007oraclecloudClient gem for interacting with the Oracle Cloud API.
72146,75444,007supermarketapiGem to interact with the Chef Supermarket Restful API
73147,95044,007chef_deprecationsA gem to provide a simple way to deprecate gems in chef-workstation.
74155,23844,007fauxhai-ng-slimEasily mock out ohai data
75157,0846,474knifeThe knife CLI for Chef Infra.
76158,75044,007fauxhai_generatorSpin up systems in AWS and generate new Fauxhai dumps