Tas50's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
11,1211,850busserBusser - Runs tests for projects in Test Kitchen
21,6493,197varia_modelA mixin to provide objects with magic attribute reading and writing
31,6593,219buff-extensionsExtensions to Core Ruby classes
41,6733,230buff-shell_outA mixin for issuing shell commands and collecting the output
51,6773,231buff-ruby_engineA mixin for querying the platform running Ruby
61,6803,227buff-configA simple configuration class
71,7062,231solveA Ruby version constraint solver
81,7123,221buff-ignoreParse ignore files with Ruby
91,7312,391test-kitchenTest Kitchen is an integration tool for developing and testing infrastructure code and ...
101,7962,280berkshelfManages a Chef cookbook's dependencies
112,4203,789minitest-chef-handlerRun minitest suites after your Chef recipes to check the status of your system.
122,4312,857chefspecChefSpec is a unit testing and resource coverage (code coverage) framework for testing ...
132,5043,770kitchen-dockerA Docker Driver for Test Kitchen
142,6432,694kitchen-vagrantKitchen::Driver::Vagrant - A Vagrant Driver for Test Kitchen.
152,6753,486foodcriticA code linting tool for Chef Infra cookbooks.
162,6852,926busser-rspecA Busser runner plugin for RSpec
172,9066,956berkshelf-api-clientAPI Client for communicating with a Berkshelf API server
183,2953,183kitchen-ec2A Test Kitchen Driver for Amazon EC2
193,5383,248fauxhai-ngEasily mock out ohai data
203,6116,388busser-batsA Busser runner plugin for Bats
213,7716,733knife-soloHandles bootstrapping, running chef solo, rsyncing cookbooks etc
224,1354,268kitchen-dokkenA Test Kitchen Driver for Docker & Chef Infra optimized for rapid testing using Chef In...
235,2394,837kitchen-googleA Test-Kitchen driver for Google Compute Engine
245,5597,353em-winrmEventMachine based, asynchronous parallel WinRM client
255,73919,797vagrant-omnibusA Vagrant plugin that ensures the desired version of Chef is installed via the platform...
265,8286,377guard-foodcriticGuard::Foodcritic automatically runs foodcritic.
276,1439,100vagrant-berkshelfA Vagrant plugin to add Berkshelf integration to the Chef provisioners
287,1488,893kitchen-openstackA Test Kitchen OpenStack Nova driver
298,1928,032kitchen-digitaloceanA Test Kitchen Driver for Digital Ocean
309,2109,311ubuntu_amiRetrieves AMI information from Canonical's Ubuntu release list.Also provides a knife pl...
319,6586,610kitchen-azurermTest Kitchen driver for the Microsoft Azure Resource Manager (ARM) API
3212,3385,806knifeThe knife CLI for Chef Infra.
3314,158136,642buff-platformA mixin for querying the platform running Ruby
3414,912134,269berkshelf-apiBerkshelf dependency API server
3514,99452,044guard-kitchenGuard plugin for test kitchen
3615,64610,312kitchen-nodesA Test Kitchen Provisioner for Chef Nodes
3715,75713,516kitchen-hypervHyper-V Driver for Test-Kitchen
3816,31240,019thor-foodcriticFoodCritic Thor tasks for your Cookbook projects
3916,6178,992vmware-vraClient gem for interacting with VMware vRealize Automation.
4016,87895,324winrm-transport[DEPRECATED] Please use the WinRM gem instead. WinRM transport logic for re-using remot...
4119,311136,642busser-bashA Busser runner plugin for testing bash scripts
4220,23913,598kitchen-pesterSkip all that Busser stuff and jump right into Pester.
4321,13714,757kitchen-dsc== DESCRIPTION: DSC Provisioner for Test Kitchen == FEATURES: TBD
4422,696136,642busser-minitestA Busser runner plugin for the minitest testing library
4525,325135,210berkflowA CLI for managing Chef Environments using Berkshelf and the Environment Cookbook Pattern.
4627,46018,183reaganTrust But Verify - Ruby build script for Jenkins that automates the testing of Chef coo...
4729,01619,557kitchen-vraA Test Kitchen driver for VMware vRealize Automation (vRA)
4842,189136,642comradYour rad comrade - Sync changes from git to Chef Server via Jenkins
4944,69727,939singelUnified system image creation using Packer
5075,759136,642berkshelf-bzrA Berkshelf plugin that adds support for downloading Chef cookbooks from Bazaar locations.
51108,763136,642chef_deprecationsA gem to provide a simple way to deprecate gems in chef-workstation.
52154,44296,446supermarketapiGem to interact with the Chef Supermarket Restful API
53161,36796,446fauxhai-ng-slimEasily mock out ohai data
54164,66196,446fauxhai_generatorSpin up systems in AWS and generate new Fauxhai dumps