Redbubble's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
116,60754,137kumo_kiGem for accessing secrets in Amazon's Key Management Service
216,8648,516kumo_keiseiA collection of utilities for dealing with AWS Cloud Formation.
318,46264,448key-vaultPut all your secrets in the vault
421,70527,245megaphone-clientSend events to Megaphone.
527,41616,239kumo_dockercloudUse to create Redbubble environments on the DockerCloud platform
631,15662,316smartling_apiWrapper for the Smartling API.
743,08617,304fluent-plugin-append-kubernetes-annotations-to-tagPlugin to append Kubernetes annotations to Fluentd tags
858,134144,321bing-content-apiInterface with Bing Content API for managing Shopping Ads.
961,109144,321conditional_capistranoConditionally schedule and execute capistrano tasks based on changes to specified paths
10100,24445,203fluent-plugin-append-kubernetes-labels-to-tagFilter plugin to append certain Kubernetes labels to the Fluentd tag
11131,69879,133kumo_configA utility for reading Kumo configuration
12145,501101,612samson_release_number_from_ciUse this gem together with zendesk/samson, samson is a continuous deployment tool. By i...
13153,30751,264fluent-plugin-annotation-filterFluent plugin to filter based on Kubernetes annotations
14167,641101,612fluentd-plugin-annotation-filterFluentd plugin to filter based on Kubernetes annotations
15167,877101,612rb-fluent-plugin-cloudwatch-logsCloudWatch Logs Plugin for Fluentd with memory profiling