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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
11,3412,014gitlab_omniauth-ldapA LDAP strategy for OmniAuth.
21,4522,004gitlab-markupThis gem is used by GitLab to render any non Markdown markup
31,7321,394gitlab-stylesGitLab style guides and shared style configs.
42,31518,672gitlab_gitGitLab wrapper around git objects
52,367868grape-path-helpersRoute path helpers for Grape
62,72011,262gitlab-peekTake a peek into your Rails application.
73,1891,642gitlab_chronic_durationA simple Ruby natural language parser for elapsed time. (For example, 4 hours and 30 mi...
83,4783,045gitlab-default_value_forThe default_value_for plugin allows one to define default values for ActiveRecord model...
93,99926,695gitlab_emojiGitLab emoji assets
104,38926,695gitlab-grackRuby/Rack Git Smart-HTTP Server Handler
115,06926,695gitlab-linguistGitLab Language detection
129,62332,340html-pipeline-gitlabExtension filters for html-pipeline used by GitLab
1328,09813,605gitlab_kramdownGitLab Flavored Markdown extensions on top of Kramdown markup. Tries to be as close as ...
1461,7978,399gitlab-exporterGitLab metrics exporter to use with prometheus
1578,71619,873gitlab-monitorGitLab monitoring tools to use with prometheus