Ninoseki's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
111,40237,523mihariA query aggregator for OSINT based threat hunting
216,933103,205miteruA phishing kit collector for scavengers
320,51820,208securitytrailsSecurityTrails API wrapper for Ruby
436,36180,006hachiA dead simple TheHive API wrapper.
536,41130,407urlscanRuby API client for
648,044103,205onypheONYPHE API wrapper for Ruby
751,040103,205rogue_oneA rogue DNS detector
852,61060,926pulsediveRuby library for Pulsedive API
955,088103,205fushinA malicious blog posts checker
1055,55250,424virustotalxYet another VirusTotal API wrapper for Ruby
1158,06632,745censuRuby API client for the Censys Internet search engine.
1259,502103,205mispA dead simple MISP API wrapper for Ruby
1360,75560, API wrapper for Ruby
1463,32537,523tansakuYet another dirbuster tool
1563,779103,205kokkiConvert a country name / code & IP address to an emoji flag
1664,08732,745apulloA scanner for basic network fingerprints
1767,504103,205shodanxYet another Shodan API wrapper for Ruby
1874,73980,006zoomeye-rbZoomEye API wrapper for Ruby
1975,694103,205passivetotalxPassiveTotal API wrapper for Ruby
2079,77360,926censysxCensys Search v2 API wrapper for Ruby
2181,675103,205simple_whatwebSimplified ver. of WhatWeb.
2282,196103,205rangescanA CLI tool to scan websites on a specific IP range
2383,36480,006binaryedgeBinaryEdge API wrapper for Ruby
2483,738103,205dnpediaDNPedia doamin search API wrapper for Ruby
2583,826103,205passive_circlCIRCL Passive DNS/SSL API wrapper for Ruby
2684,594103,205osakanaA Swiss army knife for the phishing research.
2784,775103,205dnstwisterdnstwister API wrapper for Ruby
2887,15970,382spysexSpyse API wrapper for Ruby
2988,10156,038doh_clientDNS over HTTPS(DoH) client for Ruby
3092,24150,424ukemiA CLI tool for querying passive DNS services
3192,263103,205ryoRyo is a yet another website recon tool.
3293,258103,205greynoiseGreyNoise API wrapper for Ruby
34109,54460,926urlhaus_monitorA monitoring tool for URLhaus feeds.
35116,33870,382doorknockPhishing kit admin panel tracker.
36131,92660,926ahiruYet another Ruby gem for DuckDuckGo search
37139,20380,006dnsdbDNSDB API wrapper for Ruby
38140,854103,205robtexRuby client for the Robtex API
39156,071103,205rb-mynumberCheck given string/number is a MyNumber or not
40157,797103,205dainoA dead simple Cortex API wrapper for Ruby.
41159,21480,006urlhausURLhaus query API wrapper for Ruby
42160,333103,205kojiA development/staging environment detector.
43162,599103,205rb-urlvoidYet another ruby gem for URLVoid API
44167,287103,205hybridanalysisxYet another Hybrid Analysis API wrapper for Ruby