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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
1234223xcodeprojXcodeproj lets you create and modify Xcode projects from Ruby. Script boring management...
2403210claideA small command-line interface framework.
3502438cocoapodsCocoaPods manages library dependencies for your Xcode project. You specify the depende...
4519452cocoapods-coreThe CocoaPods-Core gem provides support to work with the models of CocoaPods. It is i...
5599792molinilloProvides support for dependency resolution
6642775cocoapods-downloaderA small library for downloading files from remotes in a folder.
7645686cocoapods-trunkInteract with
8731744cocoapods-tryCocoaPods plugin which allows to quickly try the demo project of a Pod.
9735898fourflusherA library for interacting with Xcode simulators.
10760905cocoapods-statsUploads statistics for Pod Analytics.
11765902cocoapods-deintegrateA CocoaPods plugin to remove and de-integrate CocoaPods from your project.
12767906cocoapods-pluginsThis CocoaPods plugin shows information about all available CocoaPods plugins ...
13802907cocoapods-searchSearch for pods.
141,4911,338xcode-installDownload, install and upgrade Xcodes with ease.
151,6421,416slatherTest coverage reports for Xcode projects
162,6542,550liferaftLiferaft parses Apple build numbers, like 6D1002
174,7143,398fastlane-plugin-appiconGenerate required icon sizes and iconset from a master application icon.
1811,4957,092cocoapods-romeRome makes it easy to build a list of frameworks for consumption outside of Xcode
1913,18913,481cocoapods-packagerCocoaPods plugin which allows you to generate a framework or static library from a pods...
2016,72313,842fastlane-plugin-tunesPlay music using fastlane, because you can.
2118,82917,941cocoapods-playgroundsGenerates a Swift Playground for any Pod.
2234,75027,105cocoapods-testingRun tests for any pod from the command line without any prior knowledge.
2339,33129,789cocoapods-coverageGenerate code coverage statistics for Pods.
2447,34950,450cocoapods-docstatsCocoaPods plugin for showing documentation metrics of Pods.
2561,82234,310githopUses BigQuery and GitHub Archive to create something like TimeHop for GitHub.
2676,57865,820cocoapods-docsSimple gem which offers convenient access to the documentation of a Pod via
2781,75153,427claide-completionCLI completion plugin for CLAide.
2886,80765,820fastlane-plugin-no_uno u
2995,13165,820cocoapods-schoutedenapusGenerate Swift packages from podspecs.
30110,88387,746octobuildExecute your build and tests with a list of Xcode versions to ensure maximum compatibil...
31117,004131,462sparkpluggQuickly try out fastlane plugins.
32121,67987,746fastlane-plugin-ascii_artAdd some fun to your fastlane output.
33132,34087,746hasselhoffHoff up your desktop.
34133,37987,746bohneThis gem will convert your iOS NIBs to tvOS ones.
35134,04687,746danger-ya_tu_sabesYa tu sabes.
36134,127131,462shoppingcartParse Cartfiles in Ruby, be happy.
37135,03187,746grenouilleAutomatically detect Swift versions from source code.
38136,861114,784neonichu-asciiartA command line tool to turn images into ASCII art
39143,61287,746fastlane-plugin-ya_tu_sabesYa tu sabes.