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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
11,1145,525keystoreWhile building applications and continuous delivery pipelines, secret management is usu...
22,9251,800cfn-nagAuditing tool for CloudFormation templates
33,0681,746cfn-modelAn object model for CloudFormation templates
46,0438,912opendeliveryA collection of tools that are used in the Open Delivery platform.
56,28323,704hamburgerstoreHambuger Store is an easy, lightweight way to store data about your pipeline instances....
68,3985,618crossingThe native AWS command line does not have an easy way to upload encrypted files to S3...
718,42933,334aws-sdk-utilsLow level utilities for dealing with AWS SDK
841,27323,704aws-int-test-rspec-helperRSpec helper to make integration testing in AWS a small bit more convenient
945,51033,334jenkins-factoryExperimental single-click for cranking out a basic Jenkins instance in EC2
1092,93933,334trusted-advisor-statusSome scripting around the AWS Trusted Advisor interface for convenience in calling from...
11110,16233,334cloudpatrolCommand-line tool that helps you keep Amazon cloud clean
12115,50433,334eopsA collection of tools that are used in the Elastic Operations Continuous Delivery Pipel...
13147,39833,334cfn-nag-rules-coreThe core rules for cfn_nag