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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
15571,031mixlib-shelloutRun external commands on Unix or Windows
26991,275mixlib-logA gem that provides a simple mixin for log functionality
37071,226mixlib-configA class based configuration library
47391,030mixlib-versioningGeneral purpose Ruby library that allows you to parse, compare and manipulate version s...
58031,446mixlib-authenticationMixes in simple per-request authentication
68421,358chef-vaultData encryption support for Chef Infra using data bags
78951,489chef-zeroSelf-contained, easy-setup, fast-start in-memory Chef server for testing and solo setup...
89181,304chef-configChef's default configuration and config loading
99821,344ffi-yajlRuby FFI wrapper around YAJL 2.x
101,0191,374libyajl2Installs a vendored copy of libyajl2 for distributions which lack it
111,0421,416wmi-liteA lightweight utility over win32ole for accessing basic WMI (Windows Management Instrum...
121,0862,630chef-rewindMonkey patches Chef to allow rewinding and unwinding of existing resources
131,1122,302ridleyA reliable Chef API client with a clean syntax
141,1351,518semverseAn elegant library for representing and comparing SemVer versions and constraints
151,1562,335varia_modelA mixin to provide objects with magic attribute reading and writing
161,1642,320buff-extensionsExtensions to Core Ruby classes
171,1702,324buff-shell_outA mixin for issuing shell commands and collecting the output
181,1722,331buff-ruby_engineA mixin for querying the platform running Ruby
191,1742,323buff-configA simple configuration class
201,1902,324buff-ignoreParse ignore files with Ruby
211,3231,541mixlib-archiveA simple interface to various archive formats
221,3631,976berkshelfManages a Chef cookbook's dependencies
231,3711,754solveA Ruby version constraint solver
241,7091,147ffi-libarchiveA Ruby FFI binding to libarchive.
251,7982,417minitest-chef-handlerRun minitest suites after your Chef recipes to check the status of your system.
262,0163,236berkshelf-api-clientAPI Client for communicating with a Berkshelf API server
272,0672,422chefspecChefSpec is a unit testing and resource coverage (code coverage) framework for testing ...
282,5781,871knife-aclKnife plugin to manupulate Chef server access control lists
292,9564,908dep_selectorGiven packages, versions, and a dependency graph, find a valid assignment of package ve...
302,9984,790dep-selector-libgecodeInstalls a vendored copy of Gecode suitable for use with dep-selector
313,1102,621license_scoutDiscovers license files of a project's dependencies.
323,2204,450knife-windowsPlugin that adds functionality to Chef's Knife CLI for configuring/interacting with nod...
333,6174,924cheffishA set of Chef resources for configuring Chef Infra.
343,75940,876chef-solrVendored Apache Solr for use with Chef Server
354,2919,822vagrant-omnibusA Vagrant plugin that ensures the desired version of Chef is installed via the platform...
364,59210,948em-winrmEventMachine based, asynchronous parallel WinRM client
374,7467,472vagrant-berkshelfA Vagrant plugin to add Berkshelf integration to the Chef provisioners
385,1962,596chef-telemetrySend user actions to the Chef telemetry system. See Chef RFC-051 for further information
395,35040,876chef-server-apiA systems integration framework, built to bring the benefits of configuration managemen...
405,41040,876chef-server-webuiA systems integration framework, built to bring the benefits of configuration managemen...
415,5255,930omnibusOmnibus is a framework for building self-installing, full-stack software builds.
425,5525,555gcewinpassReset a password on a Google Compute Engine instance running Windows.
435,64940,876chef-serverA meta-gem to install all server components of the Chef configuration management system
445,66637,073knife-reportingKnife plugin for Opscode Reporting. Adds two new commands 'knife runs show' and 'knife...
456,68712,797chef-provisioning-awsProvisioner for creating aws containers in Chef Provisioning.
466,74340,876chef-expanderA systems integration framework, built to bring the benefits of configuration managemen...
477,25240,876knife-essentialsUniversal knife verbs that work with your Chef repository
487,7775,359community_cookbook_releaserA simple script in gem form for releasing chef managed community cookbooks.
498,1508,872chef-provisioning-sshProvisioner for managing servers using ssh in Chef Provisioning.
508,20329,820compat_resourceBring some new features of Chef 12.5 to previous 12.X releases
519,31110,442chef-vault-testfixtureschef-vault-testfixtures provides an RSpec shared context that stubs access to chef-vaul...
5210,11340,876buff-platformA mixin for querying the platform running Ruby
5311,17210,148knife-opcKnife Tools for Chef Server
5411,89321,743knife-openstackA Chef Infra knife plugin for OpenStack clouds.
5512,13818,282chef-provisioning-fogDriver for creating Fog instances in Chef Provisioning.
5612,47314,111knife-ec-backupBackup and Restore of Enterprise Chef
5712,56825,975winrm-transport[DEPRECATED] Please use the WinRM gem instead. WinRM transport logic for re-using remot...
5812,60513,268knife-supermarketKnife support for interacting with Chef Supermarkets
5912,69640,876jvmargsSanity check command-line arguments to the JVM
6012,79629,820berkshelf-apiBerkshelf dependency API server
6114,1256,888knife-googleGoogle Compute Engine Support for Chef's Knife Command
6214,29437,073busser-bashA Busser runner plugin for testing bash scripts
6314,36920,306kitchen-nodesA Test Kitchen Provisioner for Chef Nodes
6414,90412,193knife-azureA plugin to the Chef knife tool for creating instances on the Microsoft Azure platform
6516,49440,876busser-minitestA Busser runner plugin for the minitest testing library
6618,34019,240vmware-vraClient gem for interacting with VMware vRealize Automation.
6720,50040,876chef-provisioning-vagrantDriver for creating Vagrant instances in Chef Provisioning.
6820,92537,073chef-reportingBackport of Chef Reporting handler for Chef < 11.6.0
6923,08737,073berkflowA CLI for managing Chef Environments using Berkshelf and the Environment Cookbook Pattern.
7023,59440,876chef-provisioning-azureThis is a driver that works with chef-provisioning that allows Chef Provisioning to man...
7124,23315,770chef-provisioning-dockerProvisioner for creating Docker containers in Chef Provisioning.
7228,12040,876knife-blueboxChef knife plugin for Blue Box
7332,09815,770kitchen-vraA Test Kitchen driver for VMware vRealize Automation (vRA)
7435,96621,743knife-vrealizeChef Infra Knife plugin to interact with VMware vRealize.
7542,36223,506passwordmaskerSmall Ruby class to store a password, but return masked characters for console output t...
7642,54540,876omniauth-chefOmniAuth strategy for Chef
7745,73840,876knife-eucalyptusEucalyptus Cloud Support for Chef's Knife Command
7846,46640,876knife-hpHP Cloud Services Cloud support for Chef's Knife command
7951,36940,876knife-maasA knife plugin to interact with MAAS
8065,16640,876chef-provisioning-vraA Chef Provisioning driver for VMware vRealize Automation (vRA)
8165,53940,876chef-provisioning-lxcProvisioner for creating LXC containers in Chef Provisioning.
8269,78840,876berkshelf-bzrA Berkshelf plugin that adds support for downloading Chef cookbooks from Bazaar locations.
8372,24740,876chef_fixieLow level manipulation tool for Chef Server 12 and later
8476,38840,876knife-vcairVMware vcair support for Chef's Knife command
8584,23940,876knife-analyticsKnife plugin for the Chef analytics platform.
8685,36340,876knife-oraclecloudKnife plugin to interact with Oracle Cloud.
8795,96540,876kitchen-oraclecloudA Test Kitchen driver for Oracle Cloud
88101,97040,876kitchen-vcairA Test Kitchen vCloud Air driver
89104,05940,876oraclecloudClient gem for interacting with the Oracle Cloud API.
90105,36440,876knife-terremarkTerremark Cloud Support for Chef's Knife Command
91116,45240,876kitchen-vroA Test Kitchen driver for VMware vRealize Orchestrator (vRO)
92118,40840,876chef-analyticsA Chef analytics API client with minimal dependencies
93146,44240,876chef-provisioning-googleProvisioner for creating google containers in Chef Provisioning.