Envato's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
11,5281,707pagerdutyProvides a lightweight interface for calling the PagerDuty Events API
23,4331,745zxcvbn-rubyRuby port of Dropboxs zxcvbn.js
34,8738,106forkedManage long running forked processes
45,5454,857rails_4_session_flash_backportStore flash in the session in Rails 4 style on Rails 2/3/4
58,3095,179ejson_wrapperInvoke EJSON from Ruby
69,2117,962double_entryTools to build your double entry financial ledger
79,6565,341jwt_signed_requestJWT request signing and verification for Internal APIs
814,5519,134rack-ecgrack-ecg allows you to serve a page that shows you facts about your deployed app to...
927,42017,035event_sourceryEvent Sourcing Library
1036,12114,710encapsulate_as_moneyRepresent model attributes as Money instances
1137,32121,648event_sourcery-postgresPostgres event store for use with EventSourcery
1244,65715,263guideDocument your Rails application with a living component library and styleguide
1347,40930,357knuckle_clusterInterrogation of AWS ECS clusters, with the ability to directly connect to hosts and co...
1448,74526,674unwrapprbundle update PRs: Automated. Annotated.
1554,20916,273aspect_ratioImage aspect ratio calculation utility
1665,71814,710stack_master-http_parameter_resolverObtain stack parameters from HTTP calls.
1798,65918,196ruby-shortcodesimplement stupid Wordpress shortcodes in ruby
18131,69326,674stack_master-gpg_parameter_resolverAllow parameters to be stored in encrypted secret files, protected with GPG keys.
19159,19030,357event_sourcery_generatorsAn opinionated CLI tool for building event-sourced Ruby services with EventSourcery
20164,49830,357double_entry-reportingTools to build your double entry financial ledger