Ianks's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
13,9921,081rb_sysHelpers for compiling Rust extensions for ruby
214,8479,749mini_phonePlugs directly in the the Google's native C++ [libphonenumber](https://github.com/googl...
315,1817,448yabeda-gcPrometheus exporter for easy collecting of Ruby GC metrics
417,30120,065fast_wootheeRuby bindings to woothee-rust
522,26118,207octodownGitHub Markdown straight from your shell.
632,63929,409attr-gatherWrite a longer description or delete this line.
744,43494,836yabeda-latencyExtends Yabeda metrics with latency metrics
853,841131,465tty-logger-ravenRaven for Ruby handler for tty-logger
955,23794,836rspec_api_helpersHelpers for testing Rails APIs.
1069,68994,836yagni_json_encoder~2x faster JSON encoder for Rails
1180,057131,465rust_ruby_exampleA Rust extension for Ruby
1288,08063,042http_response_code-testTests HTTP response codes of given .txt file
13111,53175,203graphql-validationValidate graphql-ruby arguments easily with dry-validation
14142,59975,203early_hints_headerAn early hints Ruby / Rack middleware which just sets Link headers (i.e. for nginx http...
15148,73075,203nanoid_extC++ extension for nanoid gem: A tiny, secure URL-friendly unique string ID generator.
16150,79894,836adhawkInterface with AdHawk
17162,11594,836gladwordsAdWords support for ROM.rb
18167,43839,018libclangProvides bundled static-linked libclang shared library for different platforms, which, ...
19168,48375,203b58Uses libbase58 to encode Ruby strings to base58
20168,997131,465slugrustRuby bindings to the "slugify" crate
21169,54994,836dry-schema-extensionsEnhances dry-schema with the ability to export convert dry-schemas to OpenAPI definitions.
22172,316131,465syshareA gem that provides some useful components for dry-system. The goal is to be able to ea...
23175,302131,465svg-hushA Ruby wrapper for the svg-hush library