Yazgoo_'s Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
139,067131,465term-slidesrun presentations in your terminal
239,68522,672presbeusAllows to view/send pushbullet SMS
343,43231,140ensime_bridgebridge to use ensime with vim
449,09533,307neo2vimtranslate neovim python plugins into vim plugins
578,933131,465winds-up-clientAllows to access winds-up.com on the CLI
6104,68575,203ec2la convenience wrapper for EC2 apis
7107,66653,952kyrbeisAllows to manage your dotfiles in a centralized fashion
8110,52594,836pryslessa pry REPL to rule the all
9169,860131,465term-imagesprint images in the terminal