Invoca's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
11,9244,367ruby_digPure Ruby implementation of Array#dig and Hash#dig for Ruby < 2.3.
22,3831,710exception_handlingException handling logger/emailer
32,3911,711contextual_loggerA way to add context to the logs you have
42,3921,704invoca-utilsA public collection of helpers used in multiple projects
52,3931,706monotonic_tick_countPORO to hold a monotonic tick count. Useful for measuring time differences.
62,4001,712invoca-metricsInvoca metrics reporting library
72,4171,700process_settingsTargeted process settings that dynamically reload without restarting the process
92,4521,708escalateA simple and lightweight gem to escalate rescued exceptions.
102,4621,747attr_defaultDynamic Ruby defaults for ActiveRecord attributes
112,4731,744large_text_fieldLarge text fields are kept in a central table, and polymorphically associated with your...
122,4791,745declare_schemaDeclare your Rails/active_record model schemas and have database migrations generated f...
132,4811,751activerecord-mysql-enumEnable enum type for the MySQL Adapter in ActiveRecord
142,4831,729exceptional_synchronyExtensions to EventMachine/Synchrony to work well with exceptions
152,4931,742parameter_substitutionThe substitution can be formatted using a syntax that looks like method calls
162,5071,737fibered_mysql2An adapter for fibered mysql2
1715,2199,639magic_frozen_string_literalEasily add magic comments '# frozen_string_literal: true' followed by a blank line to m...
1862,50615,918git_libGit wrapper library.
1972,05441,064activesupport-deprecation_test_helperA test helper that removes `ActiveSupport::Deprecation` noise from being interlaced in ...
20115,00167,309process_flagsControl application behavior by setting files in filesystem.
21132,31241,064value_classValueClass provides an interface to declare simple classes that can be progressively co...
22152,02532,093git_modelsRails models for Git data.
23155,75067,309invoca_gemsmanage invoca gems as if they were in-app gems
24171,36150,055yard-to_mkdocsSimple template that removes extra frames from yardocs html template