Subvertallchris's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
14,6854,674neo4jA Neo4j OGM (Object-Graph-Mapper) for Ruby heavily inspired by ActiveRecord.
25,2635,164neo4j-coreNeo4j-core provides classes and methods to work with the graph database Neo4j.
36,9089,625neo4j-rake_tasksRake tasks for managing Neo4j Tasks allow for starting, stopping, and configuring
411,20215,754neo4j-communityThe Java Jar files for the Neo4j Community, a high performance, fully ACID transactiona...
515,24322,983devise-neo4jNeo4j integration with the Devise authentication framework
619,46422,233neo4j-enterpriseThe Neo4j Enterprise Jar files, adding online backup and High Availability clustering –...
721,47825,782neo4j-advancedThe Java Jar files for the Neo4j Advanced edition, adding advanced monitoring – license...
821,89128,299carrierwave-neo4jNeo4j support for Carrierwave
928,06552,056neo4jrb-paperclipNeo4jrb::Paperclip enables you to use Paperclip with Neo4j.rb
1079,43483,403neo4jrb_spatialProvides basic support for Neo4j Spatial with Neo4j.rb.
1181,846100,853neo4j-will_paginate_reduxIntegration between Neo4jrb 3.0 and will_paginate.
1291,651100,853neo4j-even_easier_idAutomatically creates unique IDs based on the Ruby BSON object ID generation method.
13111,727114,235neo4j-searchkickThis gem overrides the Searchkick::Results.result method to provide support for Neo4j r...
14113,600114,235modular_strong_paramsRails 4.2\'s Strong Parameters in modular form, usable in Sinatra. ...