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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
11,3334,014gitlab-gritGrit is a Ruby library for extracting information from a git repository in an object or...
22,13325,853gitlab_gitGitLab wrapper around git objects
32,238254gitlab-sidekiq-fetcherRedis reliable queue pattern implemented in Sidekiq
43,74032,059gitlab_emojiGitLab emoji assets
54,11128,583gitlab-grackRuby/Rack Git Smart-HTTP Server Handler
64,13744,689gitlab-elasticsearch-gitElasticsearch integrations for indexing git repositories.
74,78032,059gitlab-linguistGitLab Language detection
84,962263gitlab_chronic_durationA simple Ruby natural language parser for elapsed time. (For example, 4 hours and 30 mi...
99,19044,689html-pipeline-gitlabExtension filters for html-pipeline used by GitLab
10130,13544,689simple_encryptSimple string encryption and decryption using public/private keys