Patrobinson's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
17,1978,537stack_masterStackMaster is a sure-footed way of creating, updating and keeping track of Amazon (AWS...
28,1157,750ejson_wrapperInvoke EJSON from Ruby
328,70664,361ami_specAcceptance testing your AMIs
4101,68964,361linux-hubImport linux users from Github Organisations and Teams
5104,97264,361cloudformation_rspecCloudFormation RSpec matchers
6107,39524,843rs_service_nowA library for exporting data from ServiceNow
7108,00124,843spot_buildHelps manage Buildkite Agents running on EC2 Spot instances
8141,44324,843r_tcp_ipA hack to get source/destination port/ip from a TCP or UDP header
9163,19624,843logstash-filter-dynamo_enrichQuery data from DynamoDB and populate Logstash events with the returned values