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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
18,69337,027barometerA multi API consuming weather forecasting superstar.
222,27037,027ratsA ruby class to help with using the Alberta Township System
332,99037,027choc_moolDeep dive hash accessor
554,43037,027barometer-supportBarometer support files
656,89337,027barometer-forecast_ioA barometer wrapper for
769,21137,027exposeSimple dynamic configuration of mass-assignment security, specifically attr_protected a...
880,32037,027barometer-noaaA barometer adapter for Noaa weather
982,63637,027barometer-weather_bugA barometer adapter for WeatherBug
1086,16737,027barometer-yahooA barometer adapter for Yahoo weather
1196,80826,597lapidaristSit back, relax, and allow Lapidarist to do the heavy lifiting and update your ruby gem...
12105,09237,027barometer-cliWeather via the command line.
13118,49937,027etherA simple API consuming framework
14120,69437,027pushpinAn object to indicate geographic position