Digitalmoksha's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
19341,120gitlab-markupThis gem is used by GitLab to render any non Markdown markup
21,5841,064tanuki_emojiTanuki Emoji provides Emoji character information and metadata with support for Noto Em...
324,47113,403linkify-it-rbRuby version of linkify-it for motion-markdown-it, for Ruby and RubyMotion
427,71314,797uc.micro-rbMicro subset of unicode data files for motion-markdown-it projects for Ruby and RubyMotion
534,40923,541dm_corePart of MokshaCms, providing core functionality, including internationalization
634,72523,541dm_cmsPart of MokshaCms, Content/Blog Management Engine
734,80523,541dm_eventPart of MokshaCms, Event Management Engine
834,90723,541dm_newsletterPart of MokshaCms, Newsletter Management Engine
934,95023,541dm_forumPart of MokshaCms, Forum Management Engine
1036,79023,541moksha_cmsMokshaCMS, A Full-stack Content Management framework for Ruby on Rails, providing conte...
1137,96818,391motion-markdown-itRuby/RubyMotion version of markdown-it
1255,20226,863mdurl-rbRuby version of MDUrl for motion-markdown-it for use with Ruby and RubyMotion
1357,42426,863motion-markdown-it-pluginsPlugins for use with motion-markdown-it
1460,33433,627dm_preferencesAdds support for easily creating custom preferences for ActiveRecord models
1566,07531,463dm_ruby_extensionsRuby base class extensions
1685,36054,945motion-kramdownThe kramdown parser for Markdown, for use with RubyMotion on iOS and OS X.
1792,11739,356motion-sparkle-sandboxmotion-sparkle-sandbox makes it easy to use the sandboxed version of Sparkle in your Ru...
1894,13954,945motion-html-pipelineGitHub HTML processing filters and utilities (RubyMotion version)
19110,30364,371motion-qlcommonmarkRubyMotion wrapper for the QLCommonMark QuickLook generator
20113,17177,462motion-strscanStringScanner implementation for RubyMotion
21179,42198,702digitalmoksha-acts_as_commentablePlugin/gem that provides comment functionality