Ganmacs's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
1551390fluent-plugin-s3Amazon S3 output plugin for Fluentd event collector
2576956fluentdFluentd is an open source data collector designed to scale and simplify log management....
3981928serverengineA framework to implement robust multiprocess servers like Unicorn
41,350942fluent-plugin-kafkaFluentd plugin for Apache Kafka > 0.8
51,4971,652fluent-loggerfluent logger for ruby
61,8061,043fluent-plugin-prometheusA fluent plugin that collects metrics and exposes for Prometheus.
74,5362,624fluent-plugin-mongoMongoDB plugin for Fluentd
86,5885,529fluent-plugin-tdTreasure Data Cloud Data Service plugin for Fluentd
97,9913,561grpc_mockLibrary for stubbing grpc in Ruby
109,1325,586fluent-plugin-sqlSQL input/output plugin for Fluentd event collector
1110,61485,721raven-transports-fluentdSend error logs to sentry via fluentd.
1210,9909,520ext_monitorfaster MonitorMixin implementation with C extension which is introduced in Ruby 2.7
1316,50210,587grpc_kitA kit for creating gRPC server/client
1417,86413,137ds9This library allows you to write HTTP/2 clients and servers. It is a wrapper around ngh...
1518,1976,825fluent-plugin-prometheus_pushgatewayA fluent plugin for prometheus pushgateway
1618,71612,528griffingRPC server and client for Ruby
1731,81013,270griffin-interceptorsA collection of interceptors for griffin
1840,69520,170chunkioWrapper of chunkio
1959,379120,743platina_worldCreating platina world in a moment
2062,31825,215aricAwesome Ruby Ituens Client
2192,13976,952minaraiMinarai Configuration Tool
22110,08543,887bingo_gameLet's play Bingo game