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12,7851,269allure-ruby-adaptor-apiThis is a helper library containing the basics for any ruby-based Allure adaptor.
22,9751,255allure-rspecCucumber adaptor to generate rich allure test reports
33,6131,661allure-cucumberCucumber adaptor to generate rich allure test reports
426,68629,218magic_datamagic_data allows a user to setup dynamic keys at runtime and lets them retrieve the mo...
539,72029,218magic_loggerUse this library effectively log different data types
641,36129,218kanoah_rspec_formatterA RSpec formatter for Kanoah
742,27229,218yard-cucumber2This is simply a published fork of yard-cucumber that works with Cucumber 2.0+, all tha...
851,30829,218atm_formatterWrite a longer description or delete this line.
956,42029,218atm_rubyMethods to work with test management for jira api.
1057,56129,218ugly_faceA customized version of PrettyFace with new features (debug data, screenshot section, E...
1168,87029,218magic_stepsUse this library to add cucumber step helpers to your test frameworks
1270,98729,218kanoah_rubyUse this library to interact with the Kanoah API in Ruby
1375,15529,218fig_magicCombines FigNewton & DataMagic into a single gem & namespace
14109,26829,218fizz-page-objectPage Object DSL that works with both Watir and Selenium
15119,48329,218watir_visual_diffImage comparison libray for Watir built on top of OilyPNG
16146,75029,218ferris_watirAn un-opinionated testing framework built on top of WATIR which provides massive power ...