Dmolesuc's Gems

#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
11,1162,056ruby-enumEnum-like behavior for Ruby.
215,45711,321typesafe_enumA gem that implements the typesafe enum pattern in Ruby
317,30761,486datacite-mappingA gem for working with the Datacite XML format
418,80940,448xml-mapping_extensionsMapping nodes and other utility classes extending XML::Mapping
524,24916,141resync-clientA Ruby client for the ResourceSync web synchronization framework
625,26116,719resyncA Ruby gem for working with the ResourceSync web synchronization framework
735,84023,047stash-wrapperA gem for working with the Stash wrapper XML format
835,931136,642config-factoryA gem for creating configuration classes using the Abstract Factory pattern, with run-t...
941,94735,866merritt-manifestA library for creating Merritt text-based manifests (a specialization of the Checkm tex...
1060,56836,274stash-swordA minimal SWORD 2.0 connector providing those features needed for Stash
1183,030135,210berkeley_library-loggingA gem providing shared logging code for UC Berkeley Library gems and Rails applications
1298,58652,624stash-merrittPackaging and SWORD deposit module for submitting Stash datasets to Merritt
13105,670136,642berkeley_library-tindUC Berkeley Library utility gem for working with the TIND DA digital archive.
14120,737136,642berkeley_library-marcA gem providing MARC-related utility code and extensions to ruby-marc for the UC Berkel...
15129,58752,624ruby-marc-specAn implementation of the MARCspec query language for Ruby and ruby-marc
16131,922134,269berkeley_library-almaA gem providing Alma/Primo-related utility code for the UC Berkeley Library
17133,434136,642berkeley_library-utilA collection of miscellaneous Ruby routines for the UC Berkeley Library.
18149,57675,774text-checkmA Ruby implementation of the Checkm checksum-based text manifest format
19154,93596,446stash_ezid_datacitevery basic EZID ID creation/updating
20155,27596,446mrt-tind-harvesterHarvests TIND OAI-PMH feed to identify files for ingest into Merritt