Wata's Gems

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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
153,73637,027partiarelicRack middleware and application to enable NewRelic agent.
262,0746,890dynaManager DynamoDB table by DSL
384,82537,027simnosManage AWS SNS by DSL
485,94537,027applbManage ALB by DSL
5105,71837,027kashiManage StatusCake by DSL
6111,99337,027hako-switch-hitterHit switch endpoint on deploy_finished
7113,52037,027itamae-plugin-recipe-openrestyItamae openresty recipe plugin
8123,09837,027activerecord-sti-enumautomatically creates enum of sti by including.
9144,16237,027hako-gcredstashProvide variables from gcredstash to hako
10149,69637,027kashi-vaultSecret provider to expand secret variable of Kashi.
11150,30337,027simnos-vaultSecret provider to expand secret variable of Simnos.
12155,34637,027garage-strategy-corGarage strategy Chain of Responsibility pattern.