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#Total RankDaily RankNameSummary
112,74210,622method-not-implementedThis gem adds method `method_not_implemented` to every Ruby object. Invoking `method_no...
213,09710,472arel-to-sqlAdds to_sql to arel table and attribute.
313,18410,472arel-is-blankAdds is_blank to arel attribute.
424,2618,626env-tweaksResponsibly extends Ruby's ENV with simple and predictable utilities.
526,3429,818better-faradayA gem extending Faraday (popular Ruby HTTP client) with useful features without breakin...
627,68340,249optimize-jsoptimize-js makes JavaScript scripts initialize faster. This gem provides Ruby and Rail...
743,71196,185pug-rubypug-ruby is a gem that allows you to easily compile Jade and Pug templates from Ruby.
844,44923,119backup-agentEasy AWS S3 backup
948,96596,185photo-cookThis gem provides complete tool for resizing and optimizing photos in Ruby
1050,56455,927pug-railspug-rails is a gem that allows you to easily integrate Jade / Pug template engine with ...
1160,96396,185regexp-match-polyfillImplements Regexp#match?, String#match? and Symbol#match? in Ruby < 2.4.
1262,37120,640activerecord-traitsType information of activerecord models, attributes and associations in good and clear ...
1378,91896,185sprockets-iifeGenerates IIFE wrapper for Sprockets JavaScript files
1488,26240,249autostripAutomatically strip leading and trailing whitespace
1590,00935,727essayFeature information of activerecord models, attributes and associations
1693,32396,185validate-limitsAutomatically validate limits for ActiveRecord attributes.
1795,28531,806activerecord-hideableToggles for ActiveRecord models
1896,72035,727jwt-authenticatorThe gem provides easy & extendable way to perform JSON Web Token authentication.
19100,10296,185omniauth-barong-oauth2The OmniAuth strategy for authenticating users using Barong (open-source OAuth2 and KyC...
20108,58455,927confo-configLittle configuration framework
21113,12046,959array-tweaksA gem extending Ruby's array with useful utilities.
22113,20996,185unicode-toolsUnicode-friendly String#trim and String#squish
23116,14946,959essay-paranoiaEssay writer for paranoia
24117,62996,185pswp-railsPhotoSwipe image gallery (github.com/dimsemenov/PhotoSwipe) integration with Rails asse...
25121,00746,959ccy-ratesccy-rates is a command-line utility that allows you to easily grab the currency exchang...
26130,01655,927jwt-multisignatureThe gem implements support of RFC 7515 providing easy way to create JWT and add/remove/...
27131,50355,927activerecord-positionableActiveRecord positionable extension
29134,23070,240ckeditor-bootstrap-railsThis is ckeditor theme (github.com/Kunstmaan/BootstrapCK4-Skin) integrated with rails
30135,67355,927humanidActiveRecord human id
31135,98155,927hash-tweaksA gem extending Ruby's hash with useful utilities.
32138,56370,240jade-rails-adapterJade adapter for the Rails asset pipeline.
33139,06255,927exclusive-error-message100% exclusive message for any ActiveModel validation error.
34141,29096,185no-cacheA gem providing way to make HTTP clients stop caching responses.
35143,44896,185nullify-attrConditionally nullify attributes.
36143,53155,927deep-freezeA gem providing easy way to deep freeze Ruby enumerables.
37144,57396,185regexp-collectionA gem providing pre-made and tested typical regular expressions for applications.
38147,25070,240arel-orderAdds several methods which help to build ORDER BY statements.
39147,445159,309nokogiri-toolsExtends Nokogiri with useful methods.
40148,07770,240integer-inheritanceSingle table inheritance mechanism built on integer types
41148,59570,240capistrano-tweaksTweaks for Capistrano 3.x
42148,68770,240capistrano-rbenv-supportrbenv support for Capistrano 3.x
43149,01896,185essay-globalizeEssay writer for globalize
44151,44996,185sassc-rails-svg-data-urlAdds svg_data_url as a Sass function.
45151,472159,309nil-if-zeroAdds Integer#nil_if_zero and Integer#nil_unless_zero.
46152,24217,397cs-ruby-toolboxA set of useful classes, modules, helpers and configurations used by CoinField.